Critique my Stick work

allright guys im trying to make me some new stick work i wana go with a naruto theme so im using my fav chrt Neji i made this today let me know how it looks and any changes i can make to it and if u got better pics that i can use supply em well here it is i want yall guys to be BRUTAL

this is where the buttons are gonna lay out just bout

nice i don’t see anything wrong with it… hats off sir :slight_smile:

IMO the middle Neiji on the top stands out too much. he doesn’t blend like the others. I don’t think the green goes to well with Neiji’s color scheme either, but, eh, I’m partially colorblind so what do i know.

eh, that one’s ugly IMO…

I think the green looks better but the brown works better. Kind of a double dutch.

It seems kinda boring =/

lol u guys arent giving a real crutique. well first off it doesent really have a theme, its sorta random. I would try to find a background that goes more with the charactor art… right now its too much, and it takes focus away from the charactors. You dont want your bg to be too complicated… if you still wanna use the brushes you choose, making them bigger might help, im not sure. Also i dont really like how you have so many different pictures of that charactor… i think one large pic would be better… and if possible have him be allittle more alive, so u can have more action into your work.

Well thats my brutal oppinion, but dont get me wrong… its good, but I think you could do better:tup:

ps. sorry for all the bad grammar lol… i needa get some sleep. but ill be on aim tommorow if u want me to help u out some more.

Sure Nas u know me and u are homies ill hit u up on aim fo sho well thanks yall