Critique my tan/muscular Abel please!



I still use the controller… But don’t hate too hard lol.
I’d just like more tips to get better, I feel like I play pretty inconsistently.


What’s wrong with a controller seriously? There are a lot of good controller players, and some showed us, thats possible to play Abel on controller in tournaments.

These are online games, but still, practice the step kick cs.hp link, u didnt tried it a single time. There was a lot of jumping (crossup) going on after u had your opponent knocked down, I would just go with the standard mixups after FS (backdash, lk or mk roll) and TT (forward dash, lk or mk roll) before I switch to fancy play including baits and overhead. You hit the overhead a view times, but no attempt for standing MP link (the mp can be FADCed which leads to a surprise TT).
These are only the things I didnt liked that much, there where ofc a lot of good actions, solid play all in all for me.



All those command grabs, those guys online were all like 'whhhaaaaaaaat omfg’
and that ex sky fall at the end there OMFGWTFBBQ
Taut FTW!!!

looks like your lookin to get your ego stroked rather than an honest ‘critique’

Here’s a more honest 'critique’
you roll around needlessly too often and you rely on butter a little too much imo.

p.s. get a stick :slight_smile:


I’m not very confident in my step kick HP link yet, I practice it often but I can only get it 40% of the time currently (not worth the risk imo).
I like the overhead only because I don’t have the link as an option yet so I like to stay as unpredictable as possible while straying away from that 1 frame combo.

LOL Whatever man!! I literally just played these 2 days ago and was wondering how I can improve my anti-airs or mixups. I feel my thumb slipping sometimes when I attempt a simple mk roll mixup, but I just don’t feel like learning a whole different controller yet ):

Also… alright so how does abel approach without using too many rolls? just dash and bait?


Lol, just keep doin what ur doin



Abel approaches by establishing footsie dominance and anti-airing properly. Show that you can stuff a lot of their pokes with, occasional sweep cancels, and step kicks. Once people know they can’t just throw out random pokes for free, it opens you up to step kick in.

You do a lot of strange, and honestly not very good setups/tactics. Like mentioned, stick to the roll vortex setups at first, which makes the other ones stronger that they aren’t expecting them. Almost everything you were doing is pretty damn unsafe against good players but online play is lol.

Just a random aside, if you ever see Adon jaguar tooth, stuffs it for free, EX or any version.