Critique my Yang



I really wanna level up my game in sf. Need advice on what I should work on. Here are some videos. The first one doesn’t really count. There are times when I should of punished really hard but sometimes my mind hesitates for some reason. How do I stop this habit?



honestly…post up vidoes of you losing, not double perfecting u2 ryus who have no clue…that will let people give you an honest critique


Sorry. I took out the first 2 videos of me winning. Should be fine now.


Asked for a ft10. Got 10’od heh.

(I forgot to save the first five matches, it’s still the same as whopping)


1st match: Use of the 3 bars at the end I felt was poor since having 2 extra bars is scarier for the fadc ultra, also going for the reset after palm gives good footsie position vs her. Also when u predicted/reacted to the jump out of the corner you did j.fp, why not just and win?

Game 2 and 3: Yeah you dont AA with…i know its tricky but its Huge if you can get that damage in on a character like sakura. Also, you and i both know that rekka combo is going to drop, just ex or do short short cr.lp dp. You also got greedy after the command grab and could have just won with a jab combo lol.

Ill continue to edit as I watch


@otori‌ yo, when you corner someone. Always be looking for the jump out. I used to lose to an Adon player here until I started actively looking for it. Now that I can hit him for it, once he gets cornered, he’s stuck there until I decide to let him out.


B-but it’s sakura. She has the raging demon air godfist. Plus tatsu to escape (I got hit 3-4 times trying to neutral jump mp to stop it).

I suck vs her honestly…I’m not confortable in any of the matchups where rekkas whiffs actually. Lots of execution errors and poor divekicks too. Sad really.

#8 bodies her free, j.rh requires u to alter timing…it beats jump tatsu as well but u have to stand further back


way risky for me trying to hit jump fierce with mk. i might hit her one or 2 times, but its not consistent enough for me. only a matter of time till she snuffs one of them for half life

i’d like to help. not confident enough in my own shit to give advice tho


Ive sat in training mode and practiced the timing and id say 9/10 (offline) i beat it or get a trade in my favour, the other time its my fault


and if you’re scared, then man up and dragon that shit deep. I have two sakura players here(probably not as good as the guy otori played, but they know the set ups and shit) and I never have issues AA’ing them. Now the local Balrog player (WA Psycho), I can’t fuck with him. About to go to training mode and figure out why he’s so difficult to beat.


DP can be baited with air tatsu though. All in all sakura is a real pain in the ass for me…

Yeah I can’t beat rogs either. Any charge character as a matter of fact roflstomps me.


Very sloppy…missed lots of punishes, poor divekicks and dropped combos sigh.

Things I need to find out:

  • best grounded option on wakeup. I tried s.lp os s.hp doesn’t catch backdash (plus s.lp whiffs on chun, so it’s a bad idea), os is too slow for hazanshu (got stuffed), cr.hp doesn’t work either…maybe os u2.
  • any button that works vs or if focus parry is reliable to punish it.
  • I really need to start playing footsies with rekkas. Specially EX is probably just as good as fei’s for whiff punishing.


you can do cr.lp, stlk+rh to catch chun+ other far reaching ones. gotta work on that manual meaty timing tho.

if the meaty is good enough you’ll either snuff hazanshu or air reset it with a jab if youre late

for hang outside of range and buffer low forward into hp rekka in that spot all chuns like to walk up and press buttons. this forces sweeps which= dive kicks

i like footsie rekkas, but not vs chun. she walks too fast and her buttons are quick to recover. she’ll get easy whiff punishes

also, fuck hazan shus. never let chuns abuse them. dont block it. instead focus dash forward and EZ mode lazy man approved punish with dash cancel lk DP, or do a full combo

last chun tip i have is to not let them neutral jump RH. yangs far fierce will beat it. this chun didnt do it in the matches i watched, but most of them bitches love some spread eagle

i’ll save a video if i steal another win from nashfan. which doesn’t happen too often because he’s clutch as fuck


If she doesn’t have ultra, palm that bish on wake up. It’ll beat EX Legs/SBK(unless you’re too close in which case, it will trade)/Hazanshuu


Yeah I need to absorb hazanshus lol. Old man reactions.


Can’t do much for bro, but ex rekkas aren’t anywhere near as good as Fei’s for whiff punishing. Use os rekka instead. You can catch Chun’s backdash on wakeup with safe jump hp os mk/ex roll kick or u2. I don’t know what safe jumps you use on Chun, but, jc lk dive kick whiff, sweep, whiff jab, lk dive kick a lot on her.

Besides the obvious stuff (FA dash hazanshu, bad dive kicks, etc), few things that you’ve probably already know but had mistakes on:

Match 1, Round 1: End of the round, your xx hp rekka, hp rekka FADC command grab. If you’re going to rekka FADC command grab, use mp rekka. If mp rekka hits or is blocked, you can still connect with the command grab after the FADC. On hit, hp leaves them in hitstun.

Match 2: I’m not a fan of hp rekka, hp rekka fadc, dive kick,, roll kick. Chun’s reversal options are pretty trash on, dash, normal xx lk dash. Everything Chun does, save super (and probably both ultras?) is stuffed by, dash, cl.hp xx ex palm.

I didn’t watch anything past match 5, but you aren’t really mixing up your corner pressure (all your launches go into, mp palm, dp; add in, lp rekka, resets and other shenangins). Outside of ex sbk, Chun’s options to get Yang off her in the corner aren’t too good. I feel like you’re playing Chun’s game too much, too. Chun’s just has better buttons than Yang. Focusing on command throw set-ups and mix-ups is probably your best option, because Chun’s options to get out of it is basically block, tech, throw, and ex sbk.


Your Yang is years and miles better than mine, but EX Palm beats hazanshu free because of lower body invincibility(Thank God because I hate that move).
Had you done one around 1:12 of the match, after you landed a combo and teleported to the left, she woke up Hazanshu and you caught her with a regular palm…had you done an EX Palm there instead on reaction, she would have bounced in the corner and you may have got an Ultra 1 there to possibly close out the match maybe?


…who the hell does reaction ex palm lol…youre telling him to react to a 23-25f move with a 25f move


It works because of the lower body invincibility(Frame 1-20), and all of her flip kicks have at least 20 frames of recovery. I was skeptical about it myself but run it in training mode and it flat out beats the move on reaction, this way we don’t have to worry about armor break from EX or reversal.

Using the PC version hitbox viewer which is mostly accurate besides the camera being able to mess things up, the green outline is our hurtbox.