Critique needed (diver and seal)


Helping a friend on a oceanography project, need 3 more. So far she says to remove the lines on the hands, and fix the seal neck. If ya find any things that need to be fixed please say so.


Looks good, but I say throw some cool hits on his skin because I don’t think he’d be that warm looking under water. Overall good job.


underwater feeling

I like it! it looks great so far -

Most Definately as aforementioned by SFMC, - mellow down the skin tone, To give some ideas and reference going to the library/ magazines, even Diving “shows/programs” on the “discovery Channel” might help things out to Capture that cool underwater feeling…



Cool, dapple a little blue “light” on his skin and hair, if you want.:stuck_out_tongue:


nice… I like the scene depicted, it’s pretty cool (although I wonder can the diver really hear through the stethoscope with all the bubbles rushing from his aqualung - is this inspired from reality?)

I’ll leave the colour advice to the experts…

only gripe is that the diver’s right hand is out of place. If you pictured yourself in that position, the hand would be placed higher up on the seal’s chest area, and the fingers would be facing down, not up.

Light is coming from the top, so I think his back could have some more highlights.

compositionally… the elements kinda cut the pic in 2, which isn’t great. I don’t think you’d want to worry about that for this pic, just keep that in mind for the next pic :slight_smile:

nice pic… really cool :slight_smile:


I always cannot view ponpoi’s work.:frowning:

I think something’s wrong with my connection.:frowning:

Life is sad…


I have this problem sometimes too… at times, the pic will take forever to load but then I’ll get the red “X.” However, sometimes if I check again a day later, it shows up just fine. Dunno why this is so.

have you tried clearing your cache? Might help…

either that or it’s discrimination against us SEA’ian viewers :slight_smile: