Critique This Joystick Art

Hiyas, e’erbody. I’m looking for critiques of this art for a joystick that I’m putting together. It looks okay (despite the background looking like I’m trying too hard), but there’s no real “pop” to it. It’s just there. So, any comments that betters this is greatly appreciated.

This is the current state after trying for hours to get more characters involved, using scale manipulation in an attempt to fake a sense of perspective.

simple and quite plain…

It doesn’t look like one cohesive work. You need to use the background to unite the forground so that it doesn’t look so ‘cut-n-paste.’

Try using the eyedropper tool to sample the colors from the artwork you are using and incorporate that into the background. Something like this:

OMG gradients of doom, thats just not right.

The chun artwork should be much more revealing to match the other gurlz :smiley:

Okay, after some work, I’ve scrapped the original design completely and came up with this litte number right here. Critique, please. I’m especially concerned with the pic of Jam in the bottom left corner. It’s the only black and white art of the art, and I’m wondering if that’s too distracting.

looks much better but needs to be in higher resolution! otherwise lookin good:tup: which template you usin again man?

Oh, I’ve got it in higher resolution. But who wants to sit and wait while the full-size image loads? Although, as I look at it, I think I resized this one smaller than the first one.

I’m using the red octane V-series template from the template thread.

Looks better, but why do Chun-Li and Jam have full backgrounds while everyone else doesn’t?

Mostly because their artwork looks better with a background, I feel. I-no and Angel have backgrounds too, though. I-no’s on some sheet music while Angel is in front of the Mexican flag. Taki’s negative space nature doesn’t lend itself too well to a background, so I just through in some grayscale sakura petals. Felicia’s panel doesn’t have much in the way of a background since most of the panels near her use the colors that would look good with the art (pink/red, green). I can’t use a blue for her background since her hair is blue.