Critique/tips on my Gen? :]

Hey guys, my friend has been recording his Championship matches and uploading them on youtube, and I think it’s a good way to watch your own mistakes and of course learn from them

So instead of just posting them on Youtube I thought about posting them here in the Gen thread and ask for your guys’ critique on my Gen and also tips would be very awesome too :]

P.S. Just used different music :] I feel the louder the music/sound effects while I’m playing makes everything more hype, hate it when the volume is so low at tourneys, imo


Yo, yes you make a good point, I should add some more throws, ticks + kara throws, thank you :]

Uhm about the mp>mk>hands, imo, I think there’s an opening in between mp and mk if they DO block the mp, (ex: ryu and srk after he blocks my mp) also I feel that it’s faster and more safe if I just slid my mk>hands, also for pokes.

Crossups, I was going more for defensive play rather than offensive, really depends on who I’m playing :] Thanks for your inputs

Its true that mp, mk is not a safe blockstring but sometimes you can punish with mp, mk instead of only mk.

Try to throw more, when you see a blocked mk+hands try to FADC and throw, then oga crossup+ultra if you have it, this work very well if you dont use too much oga crossups.

I envy that mk+hands performance :frowning: i can do mp,mk+hands nearly perfect, even with FADC, but i do a lot of EX hands when i try with mk alone.

Yo nubbb! You’re a bboy?! GOOD SHIT.

I have more to say about your opponents that I do about you haha. You have a solid Gen as far as I can tell though and your execution is great (better than mine lol).

Get out to some tournaments man and show us what you got!

Thanks for the input, the reason why I try not to FADC after mk>hands if they block is because I’m actually saving at least one bar to escape. I learned that the hard way at NCR playing against Eric Choi, I was in the lead and used my super after a crossup and he found out that without any bars I can’t run, so he rushed me down ridiculously and was helpless.

And thanks again :smiley: Training room all day for like a month to get that down, still going in training room every now and then :] really pays off

Hahaha thanks yo! Means a whole lot hearing that from you man, after seeing you advance so far in that tourney recently, thanks again yo, really. :]

Btw I’m doing this tourney at Fuddruckers on Sunday, I think IPW will stream it, it’s a 3on3 so hopefully I get to go on stream :smiley:

P.S. And yes dancing is my passion

Yo Nubb, who’d you team with at Fuddruckers, and how’d you guys do??

As far as the matches go, you look to be on point bro. Im sure the reason you missed a few of those mp, mk hands links is bc of the crappy online shit.

Here’s somethin Im workin on myself in regards to not wanting to do the mp, mk hands links on start up bc of them blocking…If you do an s. mp and they block it youre probably already buffering the piano 3, so you should be able to see by then if they blocked the mp and instead of going mk hands with it, do s. mp hands. With s. mp, youre +2 on block and it starts up in 4 so they have to block the second s. mp or you SHOULD be able to beat out anything they throw out at you (DPs included) if you time it right. Im no frame expert, so correct me if Im wrong…its just somethin I was thinkin about and plan to mess with.

Yo theDUKE, oh man Fudds was pretty bad for our team, we first went up against, young legend (ryu) hydro (blanka) lamberboi (guile), I was anchor for that match and went up against hydro, I HAD the first round, but I think it was the hype that got to me, hydro kept blocking my mk>hands so I wanted to FADC into grab because he had so little health left, the dash didn’t come out and it was like the 3rd time i tried dashing out of the FADC -_-" pretty sure because I was nervous, so i lost, gah and loser’s bracket, beat their balrog, then for some reason i kept jumping into the ryu i was playing, barely lost that match, pretty dissappointing if you ask me, i was lucky they didn’t stream our first match, other wise I’d be a shame to the Gen community

Edit: Oh yeah, I teamed up with my friend Tim(ryu) and my other friend Nam(balrog). Nam was out of SF4 for awhile so he didn’t do as well :[ Tim took out YoungLegend which was a big threat to me, Nam choked on playing Hydro, than yadiya :[

Anyway, screw Fudds, I placed 2nd out of like 26 people at this tourney Saturday, no footage though :[

Also thanks for the tips and compliments man, really means a lot and I will try that mp>mp>hands thing :]

Dp’s have invincibility, that wouldn’t work. If they didn’t though that would totally work if you had really tight execution.

Did hydro respect the crane ultra? He tried to chip me to death last hot shots tourney in sac with a hop ultra and i crane ultra’d him for the round lol

Haha, not random ultra I hope :] And I honestly don’t think he tried to ultra at all, not because he knows what Gen is capable of but just to be safe, and not get the chippy

haha no we were both down to about 1/4 health so he though he would hop in my face and ultra so i would have to accept the chip and die. But i just blocked the first hit and crane ultra’d him on his way back down.

OH! That’s what you meant, haha yeah PPP/KKK ultra is always a flashy AND very useful after that first hit :]

Just uploaded another video, I need to start making more of these :]

Critique/rate/comment is appreciated :smiley:


I like your Gen, you actually have good execution.

vs. Gouken:

  • General advice on this matchup is that Gouken has a hard time dealing with neutral jumps. His demon flip doesn’t have the palm attack, so neutral jumps pretty much shut that down.
  • Gouken’s always vulnerable to MK hands to sweep, and it’s good against him.

vs. Blanka:
You need a lot of work on this matchup.

  • Moar crane c.HK anti-air. There are two kinds of Blankas: turtles, and jumpy Blankas. If they’re jumpy like this one, just sit there in crane sometimes and let him jump at you.
  • If you’re going for hands combos, either use s.HP xx hands to change his hitbox so that s.MK links are easier afterward, or if he’s crouching you can do MK hands to sweep (3:57).
  • Try reacting to any sudden forward movement with s.MP. The s.MP can bat him out of a horizontal roll or a jungle hop, and simplifying things like that helps you react faster. It’s especially good against Blanka players that like to hop in or whiff jab balls to get in.
  • When you have super, don’t be afraid to dash into horizontal balls and get hit on purpose, so you can punish them on hit with HP super.
  • In the second round, you should have done jab super to ultra when he chipped you to death (jab super has the most invincibility). In the third round you all you needed was a wakeup PPP ultra, or you could have just blocked it since you had enough life and punished with crane j.HK*2 to kick ultra, or wakeup jab super to ultra again, whatever. All sorts of free punish options.
  • I’ll assume you were trying to punish blocked balls with super/ultra and you were screwing up, work on that. You can also bait up balls after any knockdown and punish with super/ultra on hit or block.

vs. Abel:

  • When he’s crouching, you can do MK hands to sweep. When he’s standing, you can do FADC into s.MP, s.MK xx gekiro. Against good Abels, it’s important to get those knockdowns and stay on offense. Momentum’s very important in this matchup.
  • After knockdowns: use crane jump in fierce, option-select throw towards the corner, and maybe the crane jump back MP fuzzy guard overhead for free damage. After a waterfall kick, be ready to neutral jump fierce into the same tricks if they don’t quick rise.

vs. Zangief:

  • Anti-airing him with c.HP is impossible to do consistently because the timing is different against his j.HP and j.MK, and the risk/reward of that guessing game is heavily in his favor. Use gekiro, crane c.HK, or air-to-air him instead. Or just focus back dash if you can’t react in time.
  • Careful with those wall dives, they’re even worse against Gief than against most other characters.
  • It’s just as hard to link MK hands, MK hands against Zangief as it is against Ryu and other skinny characters, you shouldn’t have tried it at 7:13.

zangief jumping HP beats c.hp at a certain range also

Wow, im impressed, great execution and reaction. My advice would be the same as the others - some times mix it up more, and be careful with the oga’s at points. but wow, you’re gen is really really solid, much better than mine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips guys :]

During the Blanka match, when he chipped me to death I was trying to ex-oga, but I guess I didn’t execute at the right time. And speaking of Blankas, yes I do need more work on the matchup, I play Boy of Joy’s Blanka and L2P, also Hiro once or twice, really interesting how they all play differently, but nonetheless thanks for the tips