Critique very much welcomed



I apologise in advanced if I should not have made another thread. But I’m a little lost in the Viper forums (seems like a lot of hostility), since I’m a noob when it comes to the forums. But I was wondering if I could get some critique (this is the very first video I recorded and I don’t have a capture card)


About this makoto, we’re both trying out a new character so in terms of characters, we’re both pretty new.


Too many useless feints. Yes, they’re shiny, but they really didn’t accomplish much. If you insist on feinting, throw some seismo feints in there.

What the heck happened at around 1:00 in? seismo feint into ultra?

Makoto is pretty free on her wakeup… many times when you got a knockdown all you did was lp tk feint 5 or 6 times from a little over mid screen… why? This might work on someone who doesn’t know the Viper matchup, but those who do know the distance of her lp tk aren’t going to be scared at all, and will actually be thankful that you, a Viper player, let them stand up for free. In other words, you should have been using Viper’s incredible crossup/mixup game on them instead of doing useless feints.

Just my 2 cents…