Crits welcomed

I really hate doing backgrounds. This one is giving me a few problems. Any advice would help. Also, I’m still not that good with photoshop (this is only my 7th work) If anyone has some tips that might help with this piece it would be appretiated.

Obviously no one cares for kingdomhearts…


This thread looked abandoned so,… POSTED!!!

sexy kairi man, i love kingdom hearts. But the deck should be alot smaller shouldn’t it? she looks like a giant there. Maybe shorten her limbs a bit so she doesn’ tlook like she’s 7’. I think Kairi should be a bit shorter than medium height with small limbs :slight_smile:

lol, I was actually going for an older looking Kairi. The pic is actually called “Waiting for Sora”. If you’ve played through the game, you know what I mean. The long limbs are part of my style.(I explained this in Deviantart but failed to here >.<)Ok, when you said “But the deck should be alot smaller shouldn’t it? she looks like a giant there.” Are you suggesting to make them both smaller? (kairi’s limbs and the deck?) Just trying to make sure I understand everything so I can correct upon it. Thank you very much for the crit. I’ll try making the corrections and repost it here.

make kairi as a whole smaller. I remember in KH you can jump down from the deck and won’t hit water right away. I don’t know the exact size, but the deck should be 2x as big as what you have now (imo). :slight_smile:

hehehe… I responded to that at 6 am and wasn’t quite awake. I understand now, thank you.