Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German

I don’t know anything about The Telegraph but if this story is real, it is definitely interesting.

mmm…would be more impressive if they had never taken German.
I be mad hard to impress.

It’s crystal clear what happened. I mean, really, who CAN’T figure this one out.

He’s a witch, burn him.

It’s a girl.

Hahaha shit.

Anyway that’s pretty interesting. It’s like her mind downloaded and deleted two whole languages or something.

Well, you’ll notice I never said “warlock”.

Take THAT Rosetta Stone!

she has obviously reawakened from her coma as female hitler. we must stop her now before it’s too late!


haha comment win ^

also if she had learned fluent german without any sort of german influence around her in her coma, then I’d just think it’s fake. I was actually thinking maybe her doctors or caretakers were german and thats how shed learn that.

interesting how the human mind works sometimes. She might have been doing some deep thinking in a coma.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

she evolved new paths in her chakra flow.

damn the same thing happened on Fringe

I wish I went into a coma and discovered how to communicate with outsourced phone customer service.


people underestimate the information we take into our heads at any time

where do you think karma derived from, it pin points one of the systems in the tenets of our psyche

this makes me laugh more because i pass a rosetta stone kiosk at the mall on my way to work.

We really are strange creatures.


coma>rosetta stone