Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German

I hope to one day go into a coma and speak fluent French and Japanese.

…I guess I would need two comas, then.

This is more than possible, especially since she studied German. The brain doesn’t really forget anything you learn, only disseminates it which makes remembering obscure things difficult. When the brain is recovering from a coma it creates new neural pathways to compensate for any damage done to other regions.

I remember a day before my Spanish final I was thinking in Spanish and speaking Spanish fluently. The hour after the exam I couldn’t recall anything in Spanish. :rofl:

She is a human version of Johnny 5… more input?

what is “amazing” is the fact she didn’t need to adjust the german language to her neural pathways the way we’re all told and believe we need to do it

she by past the stages within study and assimilated the language simply by being exposed to it, no adjusting it to the I like we all have been taught/told to do, she straight up let her brain/body junction the information and converting it to a palpable system.

which is evidence towards good things :wgrin: