Crocodile>Jaguar>Tiger ... The SSF4 Dudley Thread

They should make Dudley have his own animal named moves like Adon’s Jaguar and Sagat’s Tiger.
Instead of Tiger uppercut he can have Crocodile Uppercut, or Crocodile Shot and a picture of a glowing crocodile goes towards the enemy.

I was actually thinking that a EMU would be more his style. Crocodiles are hardly sophisticated enough for an aristocrat.

i think dudley shoudl basicaly be turn into gill, imo this would add a lot of depth and a huge twist in the plot because later dudley will find out he sotle his own car and this will open it up for a sequel called “3rd strike the new plot but nothing else in the game changed-seth krillin mad gay” but he would not be banned in tournaments if u say the secret 3rd strike bro password which u have to be initiataed as at least 3rd seat low tear player to get in the guild AKA PKG

Obviously it should be an elephant because Babar was elephant and he was very regal.

Leamer or an otter.