Cronus Adapter 360/PS3 support


Apparently there is a device set for release that can change they way we dual mod?
Any thoughts?

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Cronus adapter

An adapter will never replace a dual-mod as having the actual PCB for that system will trump any adapter.
But a reliable adapter would be the frugal option for many gamers.


based on the $50-60 price tag, its not quite on the frugal side, but it will allow those pad warriors to finally pick their pad of choice if they so choose.

the real question will be how lag free it is.


That’s the tricky part. Someone needs t be the fall guy.


If we’re playing the speculation game then my bet is that it doesn’t work with the TE. No one thinks to test these things against arcade sticks.

I imagine we’ll get a good converter right around the time both of the systems are no longer relevant.


I’d be willing to test if I had the ability or knowledge on how to test it. =/

I’m half curious if it just emulates the xbox controller, because even still, that might be a great way to use a PS3 controller on PC without extra programs running.


just been browsing the interwebs and came across a post on maxconsole by someone purporting to be a cronus rep. claims that there is only 2.5 milliseconds of lag on this thing. obviously, noone will really know until we get in into our hands. but interesting nevertheless. I havent been able to find any other mention of lag time anywhere on their website. The price is also now listed at 70$-80$ for preorders.

for anyone interested.


actually on the Site it clearly says and even has a list of the madcatz and Hori Sticks that work with the dongle


Any updates?


Yeah did anyone actually get this and test it out to see how lag free it is?


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I’d rather have a dual mod. Cronus seems overpriced. 70-80 bucks for a USB flash drive that allows multi console use shouldn’t cost over two times a dual mod board and also not be lag free. If it were 40-50 bucks, it’d be something people would look into but that price tag is way too high.


If it was called Cronos and came with Ron Perlman then yeah, I’d be interested.


The same Ron Perlman that played the beast on TV’s Beauty and the Beast and the title character in Hellboy?
He also played the big foot in the movie Harry and the Hendersons.

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Ron Perlman without makeup.

Perlman in his native home of Skyrim

But seriously, the Cronus is $80 to $90 ? What the hell?! I think the Cronus is going to be the next XCM USB adapter.

I rather have my Cronus come with a Milla Jovovich


Yeah, that is high price to pay. A good method is a MCC with an Etokki adapter if you don’t want to dual mod.


Will this work with the Cthulhu?
$70 isn’t bad considering I have multiple sticks.


I think the real advantage of this Cronus adapter (assuming it works well and without lag) would be for the controller players.
Joysticks are easily dual-modded most of the time, but controllers are a little tougher due to the lack of clearance inside of them.

Personally, I’d like to know how well this Cronus adapter works just so that I would be able to use my Hori Fighting Commander 3 and Fighting Commander 3 Pro controllers on my Xbox360.

On a side note, I did see an ad for this in the latest issue of EGM (flipped through it while I was at the pharmacy a few days ago), and I noticed there was a little fine print that said: “Required wired official Microsoft or licensed Xbox360 controller for authentication on an Xbox360”. If that’s true, then it really isn’t all that convenient then.


That’s fucking ass…

The adapted though would be convenient, as then for one price, I’d have 4 “dual modded” sticks. All of mine use the Chutlhu.