Cronusmax build? Sounds incredibly viable


I’m looking to make a hitbox. I want it like 98% for PC use. However, in the event of a local tournament or something having a cronusmax on me could prevent some multi-pcb build as that device can get a x360 controller to work on Xbone/PS4 etc. Here’s where it gets interesting

This device basically means you can focus on simply the cheapest/easiest PCB and get all the features you needed from the Chtulu+xbox (with passthrough) or a switch or whatever. Modular components are no longer necessary with this thing, you will not need to switch for the rest of this gen. So with that said, heres the compatibility list:

If all this is true it will seriously reduce costs. Since the Chutulu puts out PS3, and this thing can make PS3 into PS4/Xbone, this is the cheapest build for most systems, and for current any cheap PS3 board + cronusmax should work. What do you all think?


Banned at tournaments. Easy macros are insta ban worthy.

There are several threads on this device already.

Also, it still needs the legit controllers to bypass security, negating the “cheap” factor.

Second note. PS4 needs extra hardware beyond the legit controller according to their breakdown. Something about needing a PC for XInput.


Thanks for input, I was unware that this thing did macros. What is the primary tournament console this gen? Xbone due to KI right?


IIRC, Evo this year ran completely on 360, save for KI and BlazBlue which are Xbone and PS3 exclusive, respectively.


TTT2 was also PS3


AFAIK Skullgirls side-tourney was also PS3 (but maybe PC?).

Vampire was played on CPS2.


And GGXrd will be PS4. Seriously, there probably never is and never will be a tournament standard. TO’s can also use whatever they want within legal means when it comes to sponsored events. Otherwise, in unsponsored tournaments, you could run them off fucking Nesticle, one of the shittiest emulators on the planet.


I once ran a tournament on a NES and a Sega Genesis at a Community College.