CronusMax has no lag

anyone telling you otherwise has a bad TV/Monitor

A+ post, would read again.

So where is your test data, where is the source of this amazing Info?
I just dying to know how you achieve this path on enlightenment.

I agree Phreakazoid, we need to archive this in the Library of Congress.
I haven’t read anything so profound since the Bible.

No lag Yaaaaaay. Will burn out your ports Yaaaaay… wait.

And it still has Macro functions so YAY, um wait…
Macros are banned at Tournaments…

For non-tournament play, it’s the best option if you don’t want to pay $300 for a stick or $140 for a dual/tri-mod, unless you have extreme technical expertise and can tri-mod yourself, then all you need is an xbox one controller

if I had $140 dollars lying around, i’d definitely go for the tri-mod. If I could do it myself, I’d buy another Xb1 controller and do it myself

It’s perfectly fine for non-tournament use and I’ve been using it for almost 2 months with no issues. I also have a TE2 because I preordered it. Only got the CronusMax because my preorder was delayed a month.

Except there rumors now that the Cronus Max will damage USB ports.

What does any of this have to do with Killer Instinct 2013 because having a stick beats the hell out of me.
if you ask me its too early in the console cycle to have specialize controllers.

Anyone tried using cronus for a PS3 stick for SF 4 PC?