CronusMax worth buying?


Will be using Xbox 360 TE Stick to play on PS3 console also might be handy to have later down the road for PS4/XBONE if i ever get a new console. Soo is it worth it any lag or dropped inputs? also heard that they can blow the usb ports not sure if thats true or not though.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.


This is the correct section. Regarding your question my answer would be leaning towards no.
-Device costs around the same as a dual mod job (converter is going to be less reliable than a properly done dual mod)
-Some versions of Cronus have programmable features and are thus blanket tourney banned.
-Even ignoring programmable issues the allegations of damaging USB ports on consoles have lead several TOs to ban device on those grounds.


you are in the right section but there are two other threads on the topic

the newer chronusmax has macro set-up options, aka one-hit combos that TOs have disapproved of. we’re still waiting on word from @Markman for lag tests etc


Hmm damn okay well i been looking at the PS360+ too is it easy to install and any soldering needed or extra cables to buy with it?




To be fair, I don’t think the CronusMax has been fully tested here yet, just the older model which isn’t very good.

But dual modding is a pretty safe option, or a straight forward pcb swap for a PS360+


Alright cool so would this be all i have to buy nothing else needed to be bought to install it?


I’ve had the CronusMax since I got KI. It’s been great for me, no issues at all… I let the TO’s know that I have CM, and they’re usually lenient as long as you let them know.

I have other reasons why I bought CM, like for example, use my OG Namco stick on XB1.
So for anyone curious about that setup, I used the P360 ps1 adapter to CM.
They’re supposed to release a tournament ready, but I haven’t looked it up yet since mine’s been working great!

As for you question regarding PS360+, if you have soldering skills, then you should be fine. Other than that, you might wanna get the usb cable so you can plug it in.


Like this one?

Also i have never really soldered stuff before.


yup! also, if you’re gonna swap out your 360 pcb w/PS360+, you can sell that PCB to get some money back from the stuff you just purchased! Make sure EVERYTHING works first, before you do so!

I forgot to mention you can use standard USB cable, but usually those are 3-6ft long, so if you have one that’s enough length for your use, then you don’t need to buy that one above!


I’ve had an acquaintance lose both USB ports on his PS3 via the Chronusmax so there is no way I can recommend one in good conscience.

Heck, if I actually ever do recommend one, it’s probably because I hate the person I’m recommending it to.


I see… well tbh, I have never used it on PS3 nor 360 since I already have a dualmodded sticks, so I use it solely for XB1…
But from what I’ve noticed, I think the reason why the USB ports get damaged, is because they STAY ON when you leave them plugged in.
I noticed that one time I left it, it was warm, so now I unplug it everytime I’m not using it. Plus I have warranty on my devices so I have that piece of mind if all else fail.


Thanks for the replys guys much appreciated probably gonna get the PS360+ now and a new JLF stick as my current one is starting to get lots of problems sometimes not being able to crouch and stuff.

Do i need to buy that HSB External Headset Jack to be able to chat with my Xbox 360 TE Stick or will the stock TE headset jack already in the stick still work?


You don’t need to buy a new jlf, just buy a new jlf pcb. Easy, no soldering needed.
And yes, you’ll need the headset adapter if you’re doing a clean PS360 install.

You’ll also need a wire crimper, wire (I use 22awg stranded), and .110 female disconnects.


Hmm so it’s the PCB that gets faulty and causes the problems? Sometimes my stick will dash when walking forward and back sometimes i cant crouch and sometimes when i go to DP i just get cr.hp. This has only been starting to happen lately it goes away for a bit then it comes back.

Not sure exactly what you mean by this but any way i have a Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE Round 2 Stick which i will add the PS360+ into.


It’s the micro switches housed in the jlf pcb. You can replace individual switches in it via soldering, replacing the while thing ensures they’re all good as new without having to solder.

By “clean install”, I mean you’d be bypassing the existing pcb altogether.