Cross Assault Combos & Strategy


Cross assault hasn’t been discussed or explored too much due to the fact that it’s mostly only usable in co-op mode. However, it has some interesting functions, such as negating pushback and gaining frame advantage on moves to make them comboable or create mix-up opportunities. This thread is for sharing and discussing cross assault strategies (and finding online training partners if needed).




With Julia in second position you can activate Cross Assault anytime (awesome on wakeup, feels like SSF4 Rose U2) and confirm straight into her 2 frame super. If the opponent doesn´t do anything, just wait for your CPU to do something unsafe while you´re blocking all the time, waiting to hit the opponent with the super at any occasion. Simple but effective, and gives your team access to a 2 frame super regardless of your point character. Also applies to Steve´s 4 frame super.

Also, try it against a bison, you can punish a blocked forward on reaction :slight_smile:

Edit: It´s generally a good tactic to wait for your opponent to attack when you didn´t see a normal during the freeze. Oftentimes, they can´t resist the urge to attack with two characters sitting in their face.


It seems Steve can do pseudo-unblockable setups in cross assault. All you have to do is use his 236LK > HP command grab as a tick throw and then with the other character, time an overhead so it hits right after (ideally 1f) Steve would hit. If Steve’s command grab connects, the 2nd hit from his teammate will actually cause him to stop the animation after the first 10-damage hit. (I’m not yet sure if this makes him recover fast enough to help other characters combo off their overheads.) If the opponent crouches under Steve’s grab, they simply get tagged by the overhead while Steve does his normal whiff animation.

Example setup:
[]Activate cross assault
]Steve: 2LP xx 236LK > HP
[*]Hwoarang: 6HK
It may even be possible to do loops of this by utilizing standing resets.