Cross Assault for Teens!

Ok guys, whether you liked it or not, Cross Assault was a big hit. It pulled in an easy 10,000 viewers every night and got many people (including me) excited for SFxTK. Even though some of the stuff that transpired during the show was not exactly beneficial to the FGC, the show did undoubtedly bring in new faces.

Now on that note, I have been thinking. Most events that go on in the FGC usually use people or pro’s that are already established within the community. Its always the same people (Mike Ross, Justin Wong, Gootecks, Combofiend, etc.) This is great and insures that the event will be extremely fun to watch, but these people are all apart of this generation. What about the next generation? Across the U.S. there have been teens and even young children that have been travelling to tournaments and actually competing with established names in the community (Winrich, CJTruth, Noah, etc.), but there are still kids out there that are skillful and talented but never get to go to big tournaments.

That is why I am proposing Cross Assault for Teens! The age limit would be from 13-18 years old (with parental permission of course) and it would pit two teams of teens against each other in a fighting game or multiple fighting games! (Again this is just an idea). Now hear me out before you get ready to type your hateful messages. I think a good show needs 3 things to make it good and those things are Drama, interest, and quality.

1. Drama
I am not talking about manufactured drama either, I mean real “edge of your seat”, “holy shit this is hype” drama. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see who would win against CJTruth vs Winrich or the Canadian tron player from Final Round vs another aspiring teen! To me this seems like it could be hype, because the people who brought these kids into the fighting game community can see all the things they taught them in action. Also the kids can get some fame and glory as everybody at home watches them destroy other teens and acquire the title of “the next jwong” or “The real prodigy”. And with hype and glory always comes salt and drama lol. I believe this would have plenty of it.

2. Interest
Well this is why I’m here! If enough people are interested in this, why can’t we make it happen? If enough people are into something we can clearly have it passed along to Capcom in a heartbeat. We had a huge uproar about the on disc dlc characters for sfxtk and within 2 days Capcom made a statement. We had a huge uproar about the “fake” UMvC3X posters that were all over the internet, and within hours 3 Capcom representatives all made statements about it. We have power and if we truly want something, we can easily exercise this power. The more people who know and want to do this, the better!

3. Quality
We have all been there. . . .the stream is really laggy and keeps cutting out so after a while you just give up and go do something else. In order for a show to be good, we need to eliminate this and make it the same quality as a Team Spooky stream or IPlaywinner. Seriously, If this spooky started talking about this show and how excited he was to stream it, that automatically guarantees at least 500-1000 people lol.

Again. . . this is all just an idea, and I want feedback (real feedback not just hate spam) on to why this would not work. I feel like this would be a great show and a step in the right direction for the fighting game community!

That show was dumb and people got the point and won’t watch it again.

At the end of the day it was still watching a bunch of relatively slow learners play among themselves, and forced to do stupid shit like trials and scramble mode.

Why this would not work: Money.

Sunshine and rainbows didn’t get the 10 people for Cross Assault flown out and lodged for a week. Money did. Money that Capcom put up because they figure it would’ve been money well spent on publicity and advertisement.

Now that the game is out, what’s there to advertise? Sure, it might get lots of viewers again (mostly people who want to see more aris shenanigannery), but Capcom doesn’t stand to gain much by holding another Cross Assault (if you recall, they played very few/no ads during Cross Assault and weren’t collecting ad revenue). They might improve public image a bit and win back some of the boohoo dlc on the disc crowd, but I think that’s about it.

The one angle that might’ve made a second Cross Assault interesting (giving the 10 players early access to the new characters) is pretty much trashed by the dlc debacle.

But hey, if you can get Capcom to just start throwin out money and flying dudes out to play for more free money, then more power to you.

this can’t be for real lol

Your idea is as horrible as that Cross Assault internet reality sho…wait.

I am waiting for Cross Assault: Seniors Edition because I think my grandpa would be awesome at SFxT.

It’s still better than just about every other video game reality show where the people do stupid shit like doing an interview while theres roaches crawling around their head or just doing anything thats not related to the game at all.

I honestly thought it wasn’t that bad.

Can he hit the jab button?

Then he’s ready.

Well shit let’s just remake Nick Arcade but have only fighting games and Yipes would host instead of Phil Moore.

I was looking for a joke thread. I’m disapointed.

Oh wait this can be like The Room or The Wicker Man. An accidental comedy. NVM this is great.

I thought the show was stupid as hell but it brought in numbers soo…whatever I guess. As soon as I heard some reality show esque thing was going to be used to promote a game that nobody had any real practice in…I chose not to watch. Just way too cheesy and too much money grab.

The Room is fucking badass.

Hahaha him and anyone like him would never be allowed anywhere near the show, were it to even happen.

Can Aris even show himself on any stream or public event? What he did was much more public than punching a cripple.





cross assault: teen edition

ill watch, only if aris is on it