Cross Assault may be useful

Besides this, it can be activated on block as well, and then use the constant blockstun to let him start blocking the CPU while you jump to the other side and sandwich him, in theory at least.

That combo didn’t even do 50% for 3 meters. So, that’s not really useful. But yeah, I could see it being used for mix-ups.

Way better uses of meter in the form of cross arts (damage) and tag cancels (which in a sense cancels the recovery of your move and can also let you use the blcokstun in your favor).

I really want to see what 2 man teams can do with it.

When you have a human partner you can keep the combo going with one character, while the other charges an EX into a super. (you have infinite EXs) The vid is just to show the concept.

Nice to see you using Ingrid

Don’t use Asuka’s chains that much they kill damage output so hard. And since meter gain scales there is really little point in doing a 4 or even 5 hit chain before upkicks.

Do LP-> MP -> LP-> Upkicks -> j HK -> HK -> Oniku -> Sweep
or just start with MP -> LP

Also, this combo does about 610 damage with the 3stock team super after the standing HK. You’re not gonna get more damage than that from a cross assault unless you land a HK at the very last second of it and reset into a new combo. CPU control is just awful in this game.

To be honest, I only see Cross Assault as a fancy-looking health redistribution system used to keep the team working. And that’s plenty useful in my eyes.
I mean, you don’t want to rely on a 90% health Yoshi, just because you fucked up and got Heihachi to 10%, do you? Even it out a bit.

…other than that, relying on the CPU is like relying on the opponent not blocking your random Shoryuken. Better leave this stuff for coop sessions.

Mmm, what?

lol, nothing