Cross Assault needs to be fixed


Have you ever had your Cross Assault not coming out?
Instead you get’s, pandora’s and all other moves? It’s because Cross Assault is glitched, that’s the only explanation, it’s not coming out whenever you want to.

Definately not my execution, I have heard other people have this same problem getting different moves out when you specifically input CA to come out.




It’s because of the sf4 style input system, I’m sure. I hate it. You can probably put expert input gem and itll fix it but that’s pretty whack. Other than that you just have to be considerate of how long and lenient the game reads inputs.


This makes me rage a lot… going for CA and getting Pandora ughhh :mad::mad::mad:

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Yeah, fix it: [media=youtube]_YGwfpny4Ig[/media]



I probably could’ve guessed that was possible, but seeing it demonstrated…Damn. o_o


I often times have trouble executing a super art with Nina.
If I input D+DF+F + PPP twice, she will do a normal blonde bomb(D+DF+F + P) instead of the Super.