Cross Assault Tech, aka. 1 touch 8 seconds kill

There’s still a lot of discovers to be made in Cross Assault technology by the community, as it proves this 1 touch 8 seconds kill reset into unblockable/hard-as-fuck-blockable combo by Dalshim/Heihachi (for extra info, please take a look to the note that SimSimIV posted in #3).

@ the 09:44 mark

Can your team do a 1 touch kill?
Can they do it with a true combo?
Further, can they do it faster than 8 seconds?

Another ? to add at the end. Are you as bad ass as Sim Sim and The Dane?

To be fair, that isn’t a true combo, as it contains a reset in to an unblockable. That being said, there is only a few frames where the opponent could try to do something before being hit by the unblockable, of which most options would be interupted by the unblockable anyway.

Here is a real 100% combo, from pre patch though:

Hey there :slight_smile: That’s almost a guaranteed kill anyway!

I’m curious, have you and The Dane tried to find a true combo into kill?

That will only be possible with high damaging characters like Hugo and Jack etc. like the combo I already linked. We do have true combos with Dhalsim and Heihachi that does 700-800 damage though. Also, we activate cross ass after hei’s bnb for a cross assault mix up in to this combo. I am sure you can find our tech on youtube somewhere:)

The ceiling you run into is the time limit on cross assault. Without characters that do 150+ on single hits, scaling quickly makes 100% combos impossible with most characters, given the time allowed. We have been able to find 800+ dmg combos pretty consistently, though, provided we use proper gem setups.

One option that should be possible with our team, however, is comboing a grounded opponent for the entirety of cross assault, continuing a combo with the character who stays in, and launching to activate gems, thereby giving us nearly full meter immediately after using cross assault.