Cross Counter Bug?

So I was fighting a reasonably good Dudley the other day with my Cammy. It was in the 3rd round and I had just knocked him down leaving him with ~1 health left, so I thought I would do an EX Cannon Strike for a cheap win. He in turn did an EX Cross Counter on wake up.

What happened next was amazing. The game paused as I hit and said KO, then after the KO Dudley finishes his EX Cross Counter and falls over dead. I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 2 mins.

So is Dudley supposed to take damage on a Cross Counter or is this just a hilarious coincidence?

Dudley does take damage from cross counter. This, however, is fucking hilarious, and I shall try to replicate it for the lulz.

Reminds me of the Seth/Akuma glitch where Akuma spazzes out.

Yes Dudley will keep on goin’ after taking the last bit of health from a cross counter, it also happened in Third Strike it’s these little things that made Dudley so great in my eyes.

Gutter Trash quote, the helicopter tea delivery, jumping out of a vintage jaguar, the rose and of course the post KO cross counter.

It’s been like that since 3S. For max sadness factor, you want him to EX cross counter something and die so that he zips three times around the screen and then slowly collapses.

off topic: haha i hate your avatar! i feel like its taking my soul.

And the best part about 3s Dudley? “Let’s fight… like gentlemen” Easily the best delivery of a line by any VA in any fighting game EVER. As a film geek I love good line delivery and it just doesn’t get better than that.

On topic: I actually go out of my way now to use this when I know I’m going to lose. LULZ for both people involved.

i did the same thing when i played last week. i was confused at first cuz i said the ok but i did the move. once i started to fall, i was dying.

Pretty sure it isn’t a bug at this point. Funny when it happens, though. I’ve done it twice.

If cammy also had 1 HP, would it cause a double KO?

i’ve run into this multiple times already this week. EPIC!!!

Not likely, since Dudley takes damage first before he deals it back. Once the KO is registered, the opponent won’t take any damage.

Hehe, this exact thing happened to me, except I was Dudley and I was facing a Chun-Li. I totally EX cross-countered out of instinct and though if it had not frozen the healthbars, it would’ve been a Double K.O. but sadly I died after I gave two disappearing punches I fell. I just thought it was hilarious, amazing, cool, yet totally not cool on what happened.


I picked up Dudley last night and this happened to me just now. Hilarious. Yet infuriating.

it really breaks my heart…what a gentlemen

It would not have been a double KO. After the announcer says K.O. no damage happens. It will hit her but her life will not move at all.

I’ve been playing Dudley now for about two weeks and am really enjoying him and I friggin love Cross Counter. I played a very inexperienced Boxer/Balrog earlier and won the second match ENTIRELY with Cross Counter. Hilarious.

What’s the start up on cross counter?!

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