Cross Counter Live's thoughts on the importance of this game

Cross Counter (specifically Mike Ross) presented an interesting comment about the future of the fgc and this game. SF4 is finalized, and it will be up to this game to carry the torch and show whether or not companies should make more fighting games in the near future. If this game doesn’t do well, will it be the end of the “fighting game renaissance”? Is it important to you?

There must be some awareness within Capcom that this game is an experiment. It has the potential to be bomb because of the gem system (I am not saying that it will). It isn’t going to fail because it is a fighting game.

There will be a Street Fighter 5 during the next console generation regardless of how well this game does.

This game is going to do well regardless of what people’s thoughts are of the Gem System. As a community, we’ll work our way around (or if Gems turn out to not be so bad, work a way to integrate) Gems during tournament play and it’ll be us, the community, that maximizes the potential of this game. I’m pretty confident the gems won’t be game-breaking, but I’m hoping the community comes around to the concept behind them so that if they don’t turn out so well, a later Capcom game (or another company for that matter) will refine the idea and make it the new standard.

Sounds like a threat.

“Buy this game, or else fighting games die again”

This game is going to pop the fighting game bubble.

I’ve been saying the same thing, this is going to be the straw that breaks the back.

SOOO many games have come out in a 12 month lifespan, and with very few having actual staying power, this was bound to happen eventually.

I hope there is a viable tournament way to play SFxTekken, and that it does well. I have a gut feeling that it won’t personally, but would love to be wrong on this. But if the largest merger of licenses in fighting game history somehow does tank, and not only tank commercially, but isn’t a game that people are playing 2 years down the line in tournaments… then yeah I can see fighters becoming a lot less of a priority to developers.

We’ll still end up with a Darkstalkers that looks like SF4, but I don’t think any other “new” games really if this doesn’t pan out.

Why not? Two of the most influential franchises, lots of funding from Capcom at major tourneys, and a way to not play with any gems at tournament play (I think that’s a pussy way out, but whatever). Apart from UltraDavid, pretty much anyone who has actually played the game says that it’s hype.

Fighting games have always been a favorite genre of mine, and I want nothing more then to see this game be sexy and awesome. I’m fucking terrified, of course, cuz I see so many people getting angry about it (not to mention I have my own concerns). I guess we just need to trust that Capcom/Ono/whoever can make this game great.

Also, gems = whatever. Rainbow Jimmies on the SFxT Cake :smiley:

I’ve read a lot of talk about how SFxT is supposed to be a “celebration of the fighting game genre” or some other gay shit like that

I don’t think they’re trying to make the next serious competitive fighting game. Kuma in the R.Mika outfit should’ve assured us all of that.

It’s kinda like what the dream match KoFs are to KoF’s storyline. “ok we finished a story arc now the next game will be shingo’s dream and contain every character ever yeah this is awesome”

Except I think they’re leaving a whole ton of characters out. Characters that people want.

I am ok with Gems, but I’d LOVE more characters. Give me more cake over more jimmies any day XD

…and now I sound fat ;_;

if it bombs, prepare to wait until SF5 comes out.

Regardless of what I think about the game, I doubt it’ll bomb. Casuals seem to be going gaga over the Gem system and Capcom knows how to advertise.

Not to mention they seem to be willing to listen to our feedback. People shouldn’t panic about the quality of it and about it bombing until we see the final product.

If this game does well, I don’t think that bodes well for “the future of the fgc”.

SF4, MVC3, MK9, BlazBlue, and Tekken 6 have all been successful. KOF just dropped, Skullgirls and SFxT come in the spring. SC5 and TTT2 are on the way, with Tekken 7 (I think? maybe?) and TxSF behind that. ASW has said that a new GG is “possible” and I’m sure they’re not done with the BB franchise. Ono has been talking about wanting a new Darkstalkers for a long time, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a SF5 once next-gen consoles come around.

SF4 may have sparked the FG resurgence, but the renaissance is certainly not in Capcom’s hands, let alone in SFxT’s. In fact, I’d say the renaissance is already in our hands, given the huge number of FG options we have in front of us even today; it’s all the more reason for people to be critical of the games we get.

So I hope SFxT will live or die on its own merits, rather than some irrational fear that FG’s will die if we don’t give Capcom our cash.

Do you mean from a design/paradigm standpoint?


I’d “like” this 405.596.340.248.666 times if I could - seriously.

Also, I skipped UMvC3 without any kind of regrets - and while is good that Capcom is somewhat listening to all the criticism regarding the game (Gems, Pandora, whatever), I’m still skeptical about on how SFxT will be in the end - plus, of course, the eventual “second version” for the third time. No thank you.

UMvC3 is what Vanilla MvC3 would had to be in the first place - chances are that they will sell a half-assed SFxT and charge for a “improved” version a little later - with all the fan-favorites which are missing on the roster and the eventual “fixes” to everything that went wrong.

Looking for good FG releases next year? We have SC5, BBCSEX (even if it is a re-release, the game will have way more content than both earlier versions), TTT2 and VF5:FS. Pretty good options right there.

If SFxT fails (the chances are higher now than the opposite, with all the backlash and stuff), it won’t be the end of the world. It may be a new start… maybe people can stop blindly following Capcom and all of it’s decisions regarding their projects.

Again, WHY IS IT HIGHER NOW!? The Gem whining for the most part has come from a very vocal minority who are leaping to conclusions even when they’re not logical. Or, and this is my favorite part, they’re hesitant to spend money. I remember how salty everyone was when Jill and Shuma were announced DLC last February, and how hilarious it was that people were going apeshit because they spent money on the game instead of their gas bill. “Capcom are greedy bastards who only want our money, and that makes them evil!” Well, no shit! The point of any kind of successful business is to make money. Capcom is making SFxT because they want to make money, Namco is making TxSF because they want to make money. I don’t see what’s so bad about a company wanting to make money, because I sure as hell want to make money too!

SNK in the late 90s made a shitload of horrible decisions that were counter-productive to making money, and as such they went kaput until 2003 with SNKP…who themselves aren’t exactly in the best of conditions with only KOF and Days of Memories being their most reliable products today as any other cash cow they had they’ve run into the dirt (Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown). KOFXIII is hype and all and-WAIT! WHAT’S THIS! More DLC characters in the form of NESTS Saga Kyo, KOF98 Iori, and Mr. Karate. Didn’t Capcom get lambasted for doing the same thing by bringing back Evil Ryu and creating Oni Akuma? Of course not, because that’s Capcom and they’re EVIL~. SNK is the scruffy underdog so they get our money because they care about us.

I don’t think the opinion of this game soured around here until UltraDavid gave the less-than-flattering review from TGS, and suddenly everyone downed the haterade. Then along came the Gems, and the Haterade became as addictive as the finest meth. I have never seen such a strong reaction to a system mechanic that hasn’t been played yet, and I’ve been playing fighting games for almost 20 years. For whatever reason, Capcom can do no right in people’s eyes because they’re doing what any healthy company should aspire to: aim to make profit. I sure as hell trust Capcom more than most any other fighting game company not to create a game-breaking mechanic (I’m looking at you, Harada and Tekken 5.0), because they hire players to come in and test out of the game during beta-testing and loketests, much like how SNK and Namco do, as well.

All of the negative feedback I’ve seen about the gems, or spending money, makes me facepalm because it makes them no better than the dreaded 09ers. They see something that might require even the slightest bit of extra effort or thinking to master, and suddenly people are crying to patch that shit (in this case, “No Gem” mode). It also makes me shudder what’ll happen when our generation takes over the world and we cry and bitch about every little thing: we’ll be flinging nukes at each other over twitter posts. Or it’s just like what d3v posted a couple of weeks ago: anything that Capcom does that isn’t quite to our liking, it’s “trolling.”

So yeah, I’m not even going to bother to “wait and see” because the game is going to do at least 2 million units regardless of what any reservations people have over Gems. And once I’m back in Richmond, when the game comes out, I’m going to do my damnedest to get the SFxT scene thriving as fast as it can so I can have another fun and exciting game to play with the people at VCU Fightclub alongside XIII and Ultimate.

I just wish Ono or someone who has some say at Capcom would realize that it is a bad idea to take a game that people have been waiting literally decades for, and turn it into a experimental party game. That is why I think it would be unfortunate if this game ended up being the bellwether for fighting games; it isn’t aimed at the competitive audience who make up a lot of the core fan base.

Then why is Capcom feeding it to the wolves at places like GodsGarden, EVO, or NorCal regionals?

Presumably to get them to enjoy/promote it?

I dunno :stuck_out_tongue: