Cross Counter Live's thoughts on the importance of this game

Those places got the core game, not the funky party game additions like gems. I think that is where a lot of the frustration comes in; players at those events felt the game was solid and fun, only to have Capcom make the game ‘better’ by adding a ton bells and whistles that don’t really seem to be working (Pandora) or popular (gems).

I really don’t like the negative connotations that come with the word “party game” nowadays in relation to stuff like gems, just because we don’t know for sure how it would work out in a competitive environment. I figure if we haven’t seen a Gem build by now, it’s because Capcom is right now working on the next build to make sure that it doesn’t “live up” to the terrible expectations people have for it right now. Again, I seriously doubt this is going to break the game and I’m disappointed that so many supposedly “serious” players are decrying them like it was the next coming of those “Vanquished” moves from Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects. As I was saying, Capcom cares about making money, and creating a game-breaking mechanic will ultimately make them less money.

What people are really scared of is getting pwned by a Noah at EVO and then having a ready-made scapegoat in the form to Gems as to why an elementary schoolers made them look like a fool using only core fundamentals.

Real talk, I loved playing Marvel Nemesis against people. Against the CPU/Story mode, fuck it, but DAMN I loved me some VS. Game had some cool stuff.

If Mike Ross really said that verbatim, he’s an idiot.

There are other games out there, Capcom isn’t the only company making FGs. Try them out, they’re good games. The sooner the US scene stops being heavily dependent on Capcom titles, the better.

Gems (DLC, Tournament Issues and so on);

Capcom being clueless about Pandora - yeah, that says a lot - if they’re willing to remove it, means that the mechanic was pretty much just shoved without too much thought.

Gameplay is ok, though a little bland - removing the universal chaining into specials was also a huge letdown.

Cross the Line, while better than the very first episode, is still dull and alienating.

The most likely lack of any content except a barebones arcade, versus and online will not fish the casual market for too long. The same happened with MvC3 and Ultimate.

Underwhelming roster.

I could go on.

Having to link the last normal in order to cancel normals into specials is the epitome of unnecessary execution requirements.

Please do, I love Consumer Analysis <3

That’s what loketests are for. Right now it’s meh, they’ll work to improve it, or change its properties around.

How do you know it’ll stay that way? Besides, I’ve seen Ryu chain LM into EX Shoryu, and Rolento chain MH into Super.

That’s hardly a reason to judge the quality of a game. Tons of great games have shows like that.

LMAOOOOOOOOO. So what the hell do you call Scramble Mode, 2v2 mode, and Online Training mode?

It’s nowhere close to done yet, and underwhelming is in the eye of the beholder. We still got Poison, Rolento, and Hugo back.

You could, but the points you’ve made have little merit.

Thankfully then, Capcom has already confirmed that they won’t be doing a UMvC3/SSFIV standalone release route for any updates to this game.

Because casuals still have access to high level play in the form of youtube videos.
And games look much better when they’re played by people who know what they’re doing.

Then the casuals can go: Oh that’s cool… how about me too!? Even if the competitive players ignore it, sales are made.
The fighting game community are almost guaranteed sales… not promoting to them would be a silly decision on Capcom’s part.

Making a forced execution barrier like SFIV isn’t very appealing. And if they’re planning to “bring” the Tekken crowd to the SF side, the least they could do is removing obnoxious links.

You trust Capcom?

They said SSFIV would be the last one… then… AE came. Yeah, right.

And what “mark” you’ve done?

SFxT, as of it now, is pretty “meh”.

If you’re not being sarcastic just for the hell of it, I can PM you later.

I’m getting a feeling that people are worried we are headed for another FG dry spell. This is probably the cause of all this backlash, that Capcom is taking a huge risk by adding so many elements to this dream game. It’s also possible that because it’s the dream clash of the greats, people have their own idea of how it should play like. I agree with what people are saying about Capcom not being the only company making FG’s and that we have a lot to look forward to next year. If we don’t like SFxT there will be other games to get our fight on. But until we actually have the final game out in the wild I believe we should all reserve all positive and negative judgement.

Because rhetorically, they really haven’t contradicted anything they said as long as you don’t assume anything.

And technically, SSFIV was the last disc release of SFIV that I bought, so yeah.

You’re pretty stubborn - they contradicted themselves - since SSFIV would be the last “release” and SFIV version altogether.

Regarding sales, even if SFxT bombs, - at worst - is Capcom - not every FG developer - that will enter on the “drought”. And even if that indeed happens, people will just have to deal with “variety” of other titles having the spotlight - which isn’t a bad thing at all.

LOL @ people thinking how good a game is competitively has anything to do with how many copies it will sell. Has people forgotten about SFA3? At the worst case this game is going to be the new SFA3, we will hate it but the casuals will love it.

If it’s on the casuals, do you think this game has done enough to look different enough from SF4, after SF4 has gotten 3 different disc releases since 2009?

No, I’m 100% serious. I love getting input from people about this kind of issue. :slight_smile:

Tag team and add Tekken characters so everyone will be like “OOOH I REMEMBER THESE CHARACTERS FROM THOSE 2 GAMES!!? WHERE’S THE BREAKDANCER GUY?”

Everyone has memories of Tekken 3 and Eddy

I DON’T believe in Mike Ross…

Mostly bad ones, thanks to being a scrub and fighting Eddy players mashing b+4 or whatever else, smh. Either that or playing Eddy, mashing b+4 and having the time of your life.


Scrub-level Tekken 3 was so much fun. Sad thing I never cared enough about FGs at the time to actually try and learn the game.