Cross Counter Properties



This is one of my favorite moves in the game, and yet it has some weird properties.

It appears everything physical that hits above the waist can be cross countered.

But some moves cant, and some moves can be crosscountered if done at a different distance.

IE Alex’s flashchop, if hit by the edge of the chop, it’ll be CCed, but if its done close, then it wont.

Yang first or third mantis slash cant not be CCed, but the second one can.

If u try to EX CC Makoto’s EX overhead chop, the CC will miss as Dudley go thru Makoto’s body as shes bending down.

And how are the damage of the CC determined?

  1. I was testing this with a friend the other day, he was using Ibuki, and I, obviously had dudley. anything below the belt will not be CC’ed. Maybe it’s an inside joke about “no hitting below the belt,” God only knows.

it will miss horribly, as you have mentioned, against Makoto’s chop to the ground. It happens (almost randomly) too against Q’s similar move (i.e., sometimes it’ll miss, sometimes Q will take the hit). I guess it depends on the height at which the hit got countered.

  1. Yeah, this is also a biggie. the distance also depends on how immediate the move occurs. Sometimes the move has like 2 animation frames of startup, other times it takes as much lag as it does for you to perform the move. It’s got odd timing sometimes though, maybe varies from regular to EX attacks.

For example: Ken’s regular hurricane kick, when you parry any of the kicks that have another kick immediately following, you can perform the CC (ex or otherwise) and have dudley counter. EX hurricane kick, because of it’s funky start up, should have dudley parrying the first three hits (which means the start up kick, the first spin, and the second spin) because those three are so fast that they can’t be CC’ed if you try to parry in between. 3rd hit and so on can be parried, followed by a successful CC.

  1. (or 5, as i wrote it): Damage seems to be determined by what i like to call the “momentum” of the attack.
    -If the attack being CC’ed is part of a chain, it will do a lot of damage (think ken’s hurricane kick, or Alex’ boomerang raid).

-If the attack being CC’ed is part of a move that deals a single, but able to knock down, blow, it will do a lot of damage (think Ryu’s Hurricane Kick, or Hugo’s clothesline).

-If the attack comes at high speed or something that obviously looks like it’s going to carry a lot of momentum with it, it will do a lot of damage (like Sean’s overhead spin kick, or Urien’s Chariot tackle).

moves not falling into those categories will sometimes have random damage. Ibuki’s double kick (back, down, down back + K) will either: a)not be CC’ed at all (as in, either dudley gets hit below the belt, or she’ll have hit so high that she’ll be out of the way of the CC), b) do a substantial amount of damage, or c) do a rate of damage in return that makes it not worth the effort. Overall, for these cases: anything hitting at chest level will do hefty amounts of damage; hitting below chest but above belt will do substantial but not mind-blowing damage; hitting above chest level calls for random damage, but more than likely, a pitiful amount.

Other things worth noting are standing jabs, which are character dependent. A ken jab will receive more damage than a Hugo jab for some stupid reason, but Yun’s will receive just about the same. Hope this helps, and if I’ve made mistakes, let me have it. (bring on the flames).


Post at the bottom thread for combos. fuck the crosscounter!!! If any of you mooks try to crosscounter me, I’ll cr.rh, jabMGB, Ducking UppercutxxSAIII your ass!!!

Just like Double Reppuken said: bring on the flames


i didn’t post any combos…

the point of the CC is to try to lure someone into doing a high attack, which is really hard to do (especially with dudley), considering most people are happy with their crouching everythings.

anyhoot, to stay on the subject, there’s another form of crosscounter, which i’m not sure is just a link or an actual move on its own. The motion is:

HCB, F + P (or 2P for EX)

Basically what happens is that the punch thrown out is IMMEDIATELY followed by a Crosscounter. I haven’t used it thoroughly enough, but, so far, it seems to work well with people expecting the punches (say, for example, you throw out a lot of standing fierce, to the point of predictability) and try to parry. they parry, and may go for a special or super. Depending on the special/super/reversal, they’ll meet with a CC. Downside is that an obvious reversal is often a throw - _ -

I don’t know what the hell would happen in the case that 1p dudley player uses CC (or EX CC) and then 2P uses the move i listed above. Logic would have it that the first player would reverse, only to meet with 2P’s CC follow up. If it really happens, i’m not sure yet. Will post about it soon.


i was actually going to make a similar thread, but yet different…here is my dilemma. does anyone know the exact percentage the crosscounter takes off?

EX: dudley CC’s a move (opponents fierce)…does the CC basically make it so the opponent eats their own fierce damage or is it a set amount of damage a CC delivers. not to mention lp,mp,hp,EX CC’s whats the difference between all of them?

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2.5% hahaha i dunno -___-

i like how you CANT cc a makoto dash punch
thats fucken weak


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never ever use CC when dudley’s stun bar is close to 90% :mad:

it was a nice strategy to counter dudley’s swing-blow with CC , but if it was cancelled to a super …

buh-bye defending-dudley .

that’ was fujiwara did to Speed’s dudley in koriyama-tourney