Cross Counter TV Thread


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There’s a lot of interesting content coming out from the Cross Counter team nowadays. Especially the interviews Zhi has been doing. I really know noting of Fuudo and Kindevu until those interviews. It kinda gives a better look into their personalities and stuff. I haven’t watched the whole Katsuhiro interview yet because it’s crazy long.


What is this? Some sort of TV show?


I’ve added links to the original post. It’s a web show that started off with Gootecks and Mike Ross. It’s expanded to having different spinoffs like Excellent Adventures, and an Asian decision. It discusses fighting game happenings, as well as tips and strategy and stuff.


I love Cross Counter, but I hate how they’re deliberately sitting on footage for the next episode with PoongKo in it.


Great show.

Yea they seem to post the episodes like a few weeks or w/e after they have been shot sometimes (Im assuming /listening to them talk about past events) , but its a good strategy for views + having a shedule is better than just posting 20 vids in a row at times, then the next time only 2 vids for the rest of the month.

But I also can’t wait sometimes. (Like the combofiend Sets)


Those episodes don’t edit themselves. I think they are pumping out content at a pretty respectable rate.


Personally love it when Zhi and Xian break down matches for Cross Counter Asia. They way they do it is so much more in depth than in the US.


I somehow overlooked the interview with Infiltration and Laugh. It was really good and definitely gave aomw insight into what it’s like for a Street Fighter player in Korea.


I think these links should be mentioned

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And their website


You should really start by watching excellent adventures. Truely hilarious and entertaining stuff if you like ssf4. They are in thier third season. They also have a marvel series. They basically go online and play ranked matches with live commentary


New episode of Corss Counter is out. They interview Mike Watson at Super Arcade, Gootecks apologizes for the Poonko interview’s translation, and apparently “big changes” are coming to Cross Counter next week…?


Zhi’s interviews are amazing. I’m only watched like 7:30 minutes of his Jayce the Ace interview and it’s hilarious.


Cross Counter Live tonight at 10:00 PST. This’ll be interesting to see, though it’ll be 1:00am my time.


is the live show archived anywhere?
it was on at an unreasonable time here.



Nice one.


A new hour and ten minute long episode of Cross Counter Asia is out. It’s got some in depth analysis of the 2012 rebalance changes. Great for those that don’t want to stare of walls of text and try and figure out what it all means in the grand scheme of the game.


I really love what Ryan and Mike are doing with their brand. I’ve actually started following the SG fighting scene because of Zhi…but I havent really seen the same type of consistency from CC:NorCal though…mostly AE PC matches and Fchamp bitching about being stuck in an elevator at the Rio. I hope CC:NorCal steps it up soon. Also, I would love to see FChamp Ryan redeem himself in the eyes of the public because Mike and complexity really stuck their neck out to sign him.


I know people are watching Cross Counter’s stuff from the view counts, but they have really been putting out some good stuff. The last 2 episodes of Cross Counter Live have been great with their special guests. There was so much awkward tension between Mike, Gootecks, and FC Jago tonight, it was hilarious.


Xian from Cross Counter Asia is coming to OktoberFist 2011 to do a feature on the Philippine SF community as well as compete… [S]in 2v2 teams bumping my spot from Team Peanut-UnityCounter.[/S] Oh well, at least I might get interviewed.

Xian’s bringing his own teammate after all (Zhi?) Still probably going to get interviewed though.