Cross Critical Combo 1.1 Results!


Thank you all again for coming out and making our event a success! Tonight was our best night ever! Record attendance! Only real hype killer was having to cancel SCV, but oh well.

Here’s tonight’s results! (Challonge links can be viewed by clicking the game title)

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
1st: Spoool (Vega, Rufus)
2nd: BottledOJ (C. Viper, Makoto)
3rd: Doctor Rouse (Sakura, Cammy)
4th: O Enjoii
5th: Kruger
5th: 3rdStrikeMike
7th: sirbleh
7th: Adam Stastny
9th: K0LD
9th: EricScreenWacha
9th: Gkyro
9th: Spabobin
13th: DRS|MCZ Professor Rouse

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1st: 3rdStrikeMike (Wesker, Dormammu, Doctor Doom)
2nd: Spoool (Captain America, Taskmaster, Sentinel)
3rd: Gkyro (Magneto, Doctor Doom, Morrigan)
4th: Kruger
5th: sirbleh
5th: DRS|MCZ Professor Rouse
7th: Meso
7th: Adam Stastny
9th: K0LD
9th: deadpoolkid
9th: Spabobin

[SIZE=5]Street Fighter X Tekken[/SIZE]
1st: Spabobin (Juri x Ryu)
2nd: Spoool (Guile x Paul)
3rd: K0LD (Vega x Kazuya)
4th: RedSwordTarga
5th: EricScreenWacha
5th: Gigglepiston****