Cross Critical Combo Results!


Thank you again to everyone who came out to Section 9 today for Cross Critical Combo. We learned a lot today, and had three good tournaments with a lot of amazing moments. We’ll see you guys hopefully in the future, and hope that you continue to give us your support! :slight_smile:


Challonge links can be viewed via clicking the game title.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012
1st: Joeschmo (Cammy)
2nd: Seisramro (Ken)
3rd: Anunaki (Ryu)
4th: K0LD
5th: HRRHoyt
5th: Gigglepiston

Street Fighter X Tekken
1st: Joeschmo (Guile x Cammy)
2nd: K0LD (Ken x Kazuya)
3rd: Seisramro (Ken x Ryu)
4th: deadpoolkid
5th: Gigglepiston

Soul Calibur V
1st: LP87 (Astaroth)
2nd: RedSwordTarga (Aeon)
3rd: Seisramro (Mitsurugi)
4th: K0LD
5th: HRRHoyt
5th: Gigglepiston