Cross over tatsu super?



Sorry I coudlnt find this anyway as im sure there has already been a post about it.

But any suggestions HOW This is done? I know I have to jab-jab then jump, light-heavy after the tatsu but it just misses, im not even close?

here is a link, 1:34


Thanks in advance


i actually just tried this. only for a bit though.

you know the shortcut right? lp, lp, towardslkhp (all at the same time) so its basically 3 inputs,

i would likes some advice on this 2.


What you stated pretty much. I find making my tatsu cross up properly harder than hitting the demon after. I just practiced it for a whole in training mode and the timing started to click.


Yeah I know the shortcut, just cant get it… Watching overmostheads do it in a game sooo sooo sick :frowning: how do you get the timing of that lol, I love oni, but I do hate how some of his combos dont link all the time.


I’ve never tried it in a match. Too scared to loose the bar


i’ve done it consistently by doing it lp,lp,9+lk+hp. he’ll do it instantly off the ground if you use 9 or 7 (up/forward). like someone else said, i find it harder to cross up with tatsu’s consistently than doing instant air demons.


cross up tatsu is extremely easy, is it a special tatsu? does it have to hit super deep or something?


each tatsu seems to have it’s own trajectory, so while your opponent is on the move it can be tricky. at least it is for me. i believe you can do it off of any air tatsu and i’ve done it without hitting it super close to the ground. the important part is buffering lp,lp during the tatsu hit animation and then holding up forward (wait just a frame or two) and press lk+hp (while still holding up/forward of course). the hit box on the air demon is HUGE! sometimes i thought the character was just too low to the ground after crossing up with tatsu but it still catches them!


which tatsu is best for hitting the demon after?


I always use mk, no particular reason though


i hear HK may be best.


hk is doable, but it kicks them the farthest. mk is the most useful because it sort of floats them in the air right next to oni. it’s a lot easier than it looks though, you just have to be able to consistently hit instant air demons.

in the corner you can juggle with to demon for extra damage, but the timing is a bit strict.


Seems the cross up Tatsu into super belongs to when the tatsu hit the opponent
Sometimes I saw they are pulled too far and sometimes isn’t


I went and tried to learn this, I can pull it off maybe 4/5 times now, tried it in some matches aswell and managed it nicely.

As for which tatsu to use, I mainly use MK, but the timing seems to depend on who your opponent is. It’s easier to connect on smaller characters too.

As mentioned above, it’s easy, you just have to be able to pull consistent instant air demons.


i think people should post some ambiguous cross up tatsu setups.

im pretty sure you get one from a behind slash.


damn. bigger than i thought Oni Air Demon Hit Box Revealed


heres wath you can do with Oni Super Combo…



Geez, I haven’t found a reason to post on SRK in awhile, but hopefully this helps you guys out because I just started landing this consistently.

So firstly, the crossup tatsu I prefer to use the LK version. HK seems to knock the body away slightly farther/faster and I’m not sure but the recovery may be longer? I’m not a frame data guy. I time it based off of anticipating Oni’s sound when he does the move. He makes a sound like hooo-wah when you do his air tatsu. When he utters the second syllable, is when his leg will be on the left side of his body(P1 Side obv.). So I got the timing down by just listening to that sound and timing my jumps around it. It’s slightly after he begins to descend. Just to clarify: the Hoo is his first hittable box with the kick, and the wah is the start of the second. Hopefully I’m not explaining this like an idiot.

The super shortcut doesn’t seem to work for me when I need to IAS this fast. It could be erroneous execution on my part, but it usually doesn’t persist this long. For whatever reason i need to hit the HP slightly after the rest of the inputs to get it out on time. I also buffer the punches as I land and time it so as soon as I’m able to jump is when the input should come out, which I’m sure you guys are doing already.

If your supers are coming out on the ground: Slow down your inputs and try delaying the HP.
If your supers aren’t coming out and you’re just jumping you’ve got to be faster.

Hope this helps. This character is crazy fun once you can hold the super over your opponents head. It takes away so many options.