Cross Play Between PS4 and PC is a Bad Idea


Hardware: You will encounter matches with gamers who don’t have the hardware to properly maintain 60FPS. This will mean matches with slowdown/lag spikes, dropped frames, or even 30FPS matches. Not fun.

Hacking: You will encounter hackers/cheaters. Not fun.

The Street Fighter player base of PC is very small as is. I’m sure there are very good players who play on PC, but the overall player base is relatively small and relatively low-skilled compared to console.

Tell me I’m wrong and that the state of Street Fighter on PC has changed.

I made this thread because it’s a legit gripe and it’s something I never hear anyone talk about. I haven’t played Ultra on PC so I hope things have changed, and that’s what I’m hoping to hear from others who join this discussion.


I’m fairly positive that you can select matchmaking features such as PC/PS4 combined, PS4 only, PC only.


If that’s the case then it’s a non-issue for sure.


Yes, that is a possibility, but even in SV4 you are able to see the quality of PC the other person has, so you can decline matches of everyone below A grade. I think there will even be a setting for matchmaking to automatically exclude players with lower grade PC from playing with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could exclude a platform completely.
Another point us that a much larger portion of players on PS have horrible wifi connections, so these two balance each other out I guess lol.

Hacking is not exclusive to PC as far as scripting and toolassisted crap goes - original toolassisted players were on Xbox. The other issue was hacking the leaderboards, but that was made easy due to the game not being designed to run on steam in the firstplace, so it had loads of backdoors to make pointhacking possible. It also only affected leaderboards and not actual ingame scores, which made irrelevant, really.

There are bad players on every platform. What difference does it make whether you are playing a bad player on PC or console? I mean today, if you play a 4K PP on XBOX or 4K on PC there may be a big difference, but that is exactly because they are on separate platforms. If both PC and console players are on the same platform and in the same rating system, points or rating or skillgroups or whatever they will call it, will be the same for everyone, so it would not make a difference ( for example that 4K PC player would just be 3K instead and the XBOX one would still be 4K in a system like this )

I think any shortcomings of cross-platform play can be avoided with some really basic settings and matchmaking tweaks and atm there is no point crying over unmilked milk.


Point by Point Pearisdriving:

Point 1: That would be great. Worst case scenario it’s patched in. That would make it a non-issue.

Point 2: I played SF4 for years and tons of SSF4 online and never, not once, encountered a hacker on 360. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’ve never even heard of that. I really think you underestimate the potential of PC hacking and the number of PC hackers/cheaters, though I could be wrong, basically we’d need to hear from a PC player to confirm or deny that.

Point 3: I don’t give a fuck about leaderboards and neither should anyone until they figure out a way to reward players based on skill and not based on having no life. They’ve attempted it time and time again and always fail. So I’m not holding my breath. It’s not needed anyway. That’s what tournaments are for.

Point 4: It doesn’t. I was simply making that statement to say that there’s really no benefit to the cross-play since it’s not like it’s going to bring the level of play up or anything like that. You are right, there are tons of scrubs on every platform, like I said I’m just making the point that there are very few (if any?) positives to cross-play (other than the obvious; availablity to those who are PC-only and don’t own or want to own PS4).


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I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m going to be playing…



Game comes out in a year.

I have no doubt that players will have shitty computers still trying to run the game, but they can tweak their settings appropriately. It’s up to Capcom to set the parameters to a solid 60FPS requirement in order to use cross play.


Cross play is the future.


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when the game comes out, you play “EVERYONE!!!” and realize that what I wrote in the OP is true, you’ll go back to fighting “MOSTLY EVERYONEEEE!!!” in the PS4 only section.


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Being an idiot playing fighting games longer than me, doesn’t make you less of an uninformed prick who babbles bullshit on every single post you made after the SFV information reveal.


Let me explain. See six years ago we had this thing, SF4 just came out and all these new members joined the forum. Their posts were stupid and annoying so everyone started calling them “09’ers” and it was like, if the join date was 2009 you knew to just not read what they had to say.

So I said 0 13’ers and made a funny. Plus it’s even funnier because it should just be 13’ers not 013’ers but it completes the reference.

Ahh, I’m so (not) funny.

By the way, we all go to tournaments, it’s best to make friends here not enemies. I may not have posted in ages but I’ve been a member of this community for over 10 years. Never met a person in real life I had a problem with but on SRK I’ve had run ins with everyone from noobies to community legends (and made strong friends along the way). The subject and thread is not bullshit, if you’ve played past versions of SF on PC you’d know what I was talking about.

TLDR; don’t be a dick. True story I met someone I was “a dick” to (his words, I don’t remember) and we met in real life, told him I was ParryAll. It was awkward for 2 seconds, but it turns out HE was the real dick and we aren’t friends anymore. Not sure why I’m so open, but hey that’s me, open book.


You’re obviously very young and very stupid.

I said something that ticked you off. Let me guess, you are a PC fanboy and my comments hurt. Well first of all, you should evolve past being a fanboy of a platform. It’s 1’s and 0’s being transmitted to silicon inside a plastic case connected to your television. Once you realize that you’ll stop identifying with multibillion dollar companies who will do anything they can for you to spend your hard earned (or in your case, allowance) money on.

Second, my comments are awesome and always have been. I don’t always read the other peoples comments so they will appear to go against the grain of the conversation at hand. I’m late to the threads, I’m sharing my thoughts on the topic, I’m not ignoring others or trying to bring attention to myself, that’s your interpretation because you don’t understand someone who uses an internet forum for it’s actual purpose, and isn’t just here to latch on to others mindwaves like a parasite and jerk off to bringing others down, piling on, or feeling like you have virtual friends or some other such low level internet fetish.

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I will say this and only this:
People have often used the 4K on PC is = 3K on Xbox/PS3 argument too much; especially when I have fought 0PP players in endless who are just as good if not better than people who grind ranked… However,
MANY players such as myself have it on all 3 available options. PS3 I had around 2500, Xbox 3200, PC 2700.
So does that mean I’m a lesser player on PS3? No - I just won some and lost some and probably played the most hours in ranked on PS3 using primarly Chun Li. Xbox I used Chun, Juri. Lastly on PC I’ve been playing Chun, Juri, Ken, E. Ryu, Cammy and Ibuki

soooo anyway yeah points are meaningless.


Also it hasn’t been stated that you will be forced to use cross-play.

There might very well be an option to filter based on Platform.