Cross Play & Network Id locked to platform?

Hi everyone,

Wonder if anyone knows anything about how cross play works in terms of the following scenario. Apologies if it’s been discussed but Ive searched and couldnt find the answer…

As the sfv network username is unique cross platform, can one login to their sfv account regardless of pc or ps4? I wasn’t able to test this in the beta…

Reason for asking is I have both pc and ps4, friends on both, but havn’t decided which version I’ll get, interested to know if I was to change or flip between them, can I use the same account?

I believe the accounts are fully separate and locked to their respective platforms, unfortunately.

It’s cross play, so you can play with your friends on either system. Friends list will most likely be in house on CFN and not on steam/psn.

CFN is not transferable. It’s locked to your system you sign up with. If you buy the game twice, you will need to make two CFN accounts.

It’s tied to platform, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to use my CFN account if I get a new PC.

Yea my bad that’s the console person in me saying system. Meant platform.

Can you change your CFN name or are you stuck with it? I was watching one of Justin Wong’s videos and he was saying that he was stuck with JwongATwork. But i could have sworn I saw another video where a guy said you could change your name or country flag at will.

I could theoretically see them offering a paid option of changing the CFN nickname or a one-time free of charge name change similar to how Xbox Live allows to

Dang ok, cheers guys, guess I’ll need to pick a platform and name and stick to it B)

They’re definitely losing money by having it locked to platform. Many people would buy 2 versions, like if they have their PC in their room to play later at night, and PS4 in living room or at another location.

~ Off topic - I hadn’t posted here in years, and came to post in a thread about an SFV Guide App for android yesterday, and my account was basically gone. I had to sign up again with my same name, and it already had my avatar saved for my name, even though it treated me like a new account with new join date and no posts. Though I can do a search for my name and find posts with people quoting my question about a 360 Hori stick from back in SF4 vanilla days like 7 years ago. So something wonky is going on, anyone else ever have any issue like this here? Cuz I’d like for it to go back to my original join date and post-count, etc. I emailed the contact SRK account twice, with no response yet. Can anyone else help on that?

I would alert @d3v or another mod, as well as post in the srk feedback forum. They are usually pretty good about stuff like that if it’s an easy fix

I see the logic capcom is using. Two different people can have the same username (psn and steam respectively) so making a unique CFN username is Capcom’s way of keeping everything unified which is a good thing in my opinion. It’s just the down sides are that you’re locked into a single CFN for each platform (it would be nice if you could link a CFN with both a psn and steam account) and the risk of people stealing usernames is very high :frowning:

Get in touch with Wiz, or maybe an admin like Preppt.

Thanx d3v, gonna try to reach one of them.