Cross Rush character specific juggle height any info?

Playing around with a few different teams and setups I’ve noticed with the cross rush the standard L,M,H,H certain characters seem to hit the opponent higher into the air than others and I was wondering if there was any info about this as far as juggle length and height goes.

E.g. Vega doing cross rush(punch or kick) into King allows king to come in and juggle with 3 knees and then into any combo ender of your choice.
When I was trying this with Juri her punch/kick cross rushes seem to have very different properties and I could rarely connent King’s absurd juggle knee from them.

I’ve noticed this with a few other characters where after a cross rush I just threw out one of the more awkward supers(e.g Asuka) and dependant on the character doing the launcher the super with miss.