Cross Training in Fighting Games

I have what I believe is an interesting speculative question.
Does anyone think that playing multiple games seriously at once can actually help a person gain skills or just confuse things even worse? For example I’ve been getting seriously into UMVC3 the last few months (in fact going to my first tourny this weekend, yay me!) But I also have SSF4AE2012 and dabble in that. If I play both of those games at once is it going to help me get stronger all around with baseline stuff like movement and combo execution or will it just confuse me more. As well considering they’re two Capcom games what would adding a game like Kof13 or SCV do? I can see benefits and disadvantages to this but I wanted to get the opinion of the community.
Thanks All

Some basic fundamentals will transfer over to each game, but not perfectly. While it’s a good idea to play other games to work on certain aspects of your own gameplay, you have to realize that each game is very different, with different game engines, timings, and strategies. It will be difficult for your mind and muscle memory to keep those things separate from each other while playing.

If you invest enough time into each game (ie, a fuckton), then yes, you can improve quite quickly as a fighting game player. However that has more to do with the amount of time you’re spending practicing, rather than the sheer quantity of games that you’re playing.

Agreed. When I was in college, I was (hell, I still am) really bad at SFIV. However, when MvC3 dropped, I played it for a few weeks more or less constantly. When I went back to SF I felt that my execution had improved noticeably. I don’t claim that you’ll have the same results (and I’ve tried to emulate the situation with other games to no avail), but it’s just my anecdote.

Play older games = get better at new games.

Different fg’s will emphasize different aspects of fg strategy, but don’t believe people that will make statements like “x game will teach you y concept.” You learn that stuff on your own, the game is not a teacher.

This is due to the fact that older games rarely had a crutch system installed to give you an added comeback tool, but stuff like this has slowly crept its way into modern fighting games. Back then you were forced to rely on your fundamentals and your own skills to win a game, without a goddamn welfare super or an X-factor. But now everybody wants to feel like a Daigo and have the ability to do amazing comebacks too (without earning it the hard way).

You bring up a good point. Think of playing different games like using a different exercise equipment. It only HELPS to develop different parts of your gameplay by stressing a different aspect of skill.

I play Kof13 3-4 hours a day then I’ll play 3s/ST/SF4/garou/whatever for a while for fun. I don’t think it will hurt you but I would focus on one.