Cross under/over opportunities

i’ve noticed that being able to cross under characters is a VERY valuable asset what else i’ve noticed is that some hits leave makoto in such a state that she has the ultimate mix up at her disposal. MY favorite of late are air to air resets from ariel short and i THINK jab works at least on some characters if not all if you dash as soon as you land you’ve crossed them under and it gives them a huge guess game. if you guys know of any other situations where you could set this up could you let me know? so i can try to keep it fresh and be read less? thanks guys!

the jab reset obviously only works on a jumping target (all characters), or if you manage to jab someone doing a move that puts their feet off the ground,

ie. chunli’s (far)
dudley’s little “hop” before he starts his machine gun punches

since her dash is quick no matter how close they are to the ground (except on it of course) will allow her to dash under the opponent and on the other side.

i generally use 5 mix-ups post crossing them up

  1. c.fp - put them on the ground and get them in your wake up game.
  2. s.fp > etc. - usually a super or hayate, but you can get crazy and cancel a hayate into a karakusa or something.
  3. > hayate - unless im using SAI which I can buffer from, this sets me up for post hayate game
  4. > etc. - you can almost “meaty” the so they fall into its frames. follow up however you see fit on hit or block.
  5. jab > > - probably the safest in terms of risk and punishability, but least payout, and really limits follow up opportunities.

** on a side note, it may seem like a karakusa would be a good option. I’ve played around with this and this hardly ever works… the move is just too slow for the limited amount of time you have before they actualy hit the floor. Whenever I try this, I end up getting poked first, grabbed, or they just jump away. The only time I find that a crossover karakusa works well is after a connected SAII, and you reset mid combo… most people sorta fall asleep waiting for you to finish the combo. if you’re opponent isnt 100% paying attention, you can often cross them up after a SAII (many ways to go about doing it), and catch them with a karakusa. **

Makoto can cross up some characters with her dash while the opponent is getting up/rolling, such as alex…

I have this shorthand I use to memorize the characters that can be crossed up with dash if the tech roll. HADNUT: Hugo, Alex, Dudley, Necro, Urien, Twelve
I couldn’t make anything else with those letters. Maybe, HD TUNA.

HD tuna the next best thing to regular tuna

you left out ibuki…