[Cross-Up] [4/28/2017] [Mentor, Ohio] [Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Melee


So this is a summer biweekly I will be holding this year for the Games Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I’m hoping that this series will begin to create a lake county scene for both of these games as we don’t really have a great scene for either in the area.

Venue fee: 5$( we can only start waiving venue for a setup if we hit 30+ participants)
Melee: 5$
SFV: 5$
tournaments will distribute prize pot in 60/30/10 fashion unless we exceed 30 people in one event.
*Please respect others at the tourney please, you may only trashtalk as hard as the OTHER PERSON is okay with. Please do not overstep on someone’s feelings! I’m not going to kick you out or anything unless it becomes an excessive problem.
*NOTE: Please try to keep the volume of the venue down. I understand that things can get pretty hype, but don’t get too crazy as we are at the Civic Center.
IMPORTANT Parking instructions will be explained down below!
IMPORTANT I have no idea what the scale of this event will be yet so the event will be capped at 50 people. By some miracle we surpass this number I will not be able to let you in the venue, but I will upgrade our venue hall so that this is not a problem for the next one. On that note, SHOW UP BEFORE 6PM! If you want to enter, but will be late then message me on Facebook. I’ll take care of it, but I will have to DQ if you don’t arrive by 7PM!
Venue opens- 5PM
registartion closes-6:15PM
Melee/SFV start-6:30PM
venue closes-11PM
*If venue closes before toueny is over than prize pot will be distributed between remaining participants.
IMPORTANT We are running on a fairly tight schedule for this tourney so I ask that you pay attention when we call for you! If we can’t find you after five minutes without a valid reason then you will be DQ’d! Please let me know when you leave the venue for food or anything like that so that we may avoid this!
Melee ruleset:
*4-stock match, 8 minute timer, pause off
*I’m fine with 20XX as long as the mods are aesthetic or only apply to CPU’s. I will ban you from the tourney if you have modded any character properties, please change 20XX to touney mode when setting up though.
*Wobbling is permitted, but not past 225%
*freezing, stalling techniques (luigi ladder, peach wall bomber, repeated pound ), and glitches are banned
NOTE repeated pound and peach wall bomber are only banned if using to stall, but being used to recover is acceptable.
*neutral stages
-Final Destination
Fountain of Dreams
*counterpick stages
-Pokemon Stadium
*Stage bans for first round will be in a 2-1-2 format and you can gentleman to any stage as long as both players agree on it!
*Winner of first match will get one stage ban and loser may pick any of the remaining stages as long as they have not won on that stage is a previous match of the two palyer’s set.
*once semis starts there will be NO stage bans after first match, but you cannot pick a stage you previously won on in the set unless agreed upon.
*A set will be best 2-out of-3, best 3-out of-5 will begin in semis
SFV Ruleset:
*Must be on a PS4
*versus mode, 2-out of-3 rounds, 2-out of-3 matches, no handicap.
*Top eight will play 3-out of-5 matches, but it will still be 2-out of-3 rounds.
*Legacy controller mode is banned
*Training stage, Skies of Honor, and Beach stage are banned
**NOTE: A setup must have all of the characters that are currently out at the present time.

Parking is provided by the Mentor Civic Center. You will want t drive down until you hit the parking lot with the pool next to it! Once there you will be the party hall nearby. Please walk up the hill and stairs to enter the hall. Walking down the hill will put you at the ice rink. Once in the party hall go to metting room D as this is where we will be holding the event.

If you are interested in joining the facebook group here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/403870499992289/


for anyone who viewed this page, I have to cancel this week due to complications with getting venue because it is memorial day tomorrow. A new tourney posting will be put up when we decide the new date. Thank you for checking us out if you did and i hope you can come to the next meet up!