Cross up Air fireball

when you are knocked down, and akuma starts to jump over you while releasing an early air fireball. Which way do you block?

Also when is the most effective time to release the fireball?

they start jumping from right next to you… theres no way for you to be able to reliably srk that.

If he jumps from the 2p side, you hold 4 :l: and vice-versa for the other side.

I’m gonna assume you aren’t playing akuma or you’d teleport, the answer is, you don’t know. It’s random. The other guy can delay his jump by a few frames and make it hit the front, or he can make it hit the back, and you are gonna need an eagle eye to tell the difference. Good luck. This is a powerful crossup that leads to a lot of damage.

learn the height of which fireball is gonna cross you up, and which one will hit you in the front.

thankfully this isnt 3s and its not an unblockable situation, but your in for a guessing game that you are going to lose a lot until you learn the subtle differences between crossup and non crossup air FB

Oh shit the fb crosses up? I saw this video of shinakuma vs Abel and his lp.fb “crossed a crouching abel” (hit his back) but he successfully blocked it but not the immediate crossup after. Prolly cuz he was crouch blocking.

So I’m not sure if he blocked the opposite direction for the fireball or it doesn’t have cross-ability

Well, I’d still like to know if an air-fireball crosses up because, correct me if I’m wrong, a meaty ground fireball that hits the opponents back on his wakeup is still blocked normally.

Also i wanted to ask, whats the air fireball tiger knee input? How do you do this? makes fireball come out soon after leaving the ground. Thanks

You block according to where the character is, not their fireball. Same with dhalsim and his ultra shenanigans and seths 50/50 mixup after an ultra.

The crossup is a tigerknee air fb as you jump over, it crosses up ambiguously because akuma is flying over the person’s head as the fb hits