Cross Up Ball

I’ve been digging through threads for a while and can’t find the answer to a simple question.

How do you get the horizontal ball to cross up?

After getting a knockdown, you do the horizontal ball early, so that as the opponent is getting up, they stand up into the ball when you are on the other side of them, getting a cross up. It’s only good to do as a match ender, though, cause you bounce back the same way you do after a normal blanka ball, except now you’ve crossed them up so you land right next to your opponent for them to easily punish you for big damage.

ahh…ok. Thanks.

Only use it as a finisher. You can easily get punished if the cross up ball doesn’t kill your opponent.

yeah you can get away with it without getting punished occsaionally but not often . Its a shame cause when you mix it into short roll to throw and other mind games its really effective and hits often

If the player isn’t absolutely awful you will get punished. They have forever to react.

Recently I’ve been doing fakes of this mixed up with crossup mp.ball safeball setups off of a f.throw to bait reversals and then punish. Gimmicky as hell, but kinda fun to mess around with.

Some stuff to beware of cross-up ball.
If you don’t time it properly, they can beat you out of it with a reverse EX dp… or ultra.

However… knowing this you can always do the cross up ball a bit earlier and bait the ultra or dp to come out and totally whiff you for you to get the free guarantee hit on their landing. At the same time there are characters that pretty much will miss you 90% of the time if you time the cross up ball and they try to do their Ultra… their invincibility frame kicks in so the ball misses but their hit box isn’t there soon enough or doesn’t cover them wide enough so you just simply go through them and punish them on their whiffed ultra… like Gouken/Boxer (two examples out of a few)… other times character like Ken… you gotta beware, this doesn’t exactly happen so you need to purposely miss them to bait it out.


I suppose it’s worth mentioning also… after a forward throw, everyone knows that lp. ball won’t crossup now. If you’re wanting to try to do a fake crossup ball without using lp, I’ve started walking backward after a forward throw a couple steps and then using a mp. ball. There have been times where I spaced it so that Blanka looked like he crossed up the opponent but then appeared on the other side of them, like when trying to forward hop through Hakan. It’s one more gimmick that can get you that win.

you can actually still crossup a good amount of characters with LP ball if you walk forward and do it first. It works best on the girls because they are skinny, but still works on medium sized characters like Ryu/Ken.

I haven’t tested everyone individually, but when the game first came out I know I had trouble crossing up fatties.

LP crossup ball after forward throw is character specific, like Veserius mentioned if the character is skinny you cross up if not… you don’t.

But in most cases i like what Benski does after forward throw… he does lp ball, into electricity, then throw, you should throw them right when they recover from the wake up.

Once you get them to eat the throw, you can start doing all sort of mixup from continuing the electricity, blocking their reversal, hoping through them, jumping across for cross up or jumping neutral.

But at the very least you’re building meter off from the lp roll and electricity, and still manage to have an advantage after all that.