Cross-up detected. What to do?

Hello guys. I’m experiencing some fights with players who use cross-up jumps heavily. In this situation, I constantly try to block their block strings but, eventually, they do a tick throw on me and they knock me down. So I’m wondering which possible options I have in this situation:

  1. Block their block strings and praying they don’t do me a thick throw.
  2. Using an option select to tech the eventual throw while hoping they whiff some hits.
  3. What else?

I’m wondering if there is some normal / special / etc. to avoid the opponent to go behind me when I “read” a possible cross-up jump.

Thank you in advance.

You can auto-correct a shoryuken to hit them on the other side,but it isn’t a reliable option without tons of practice.You could probably use c.HP to hit them as they jump over you too.Also you could just DP during their strings,once they eat a shoryu during an unsafe blockstring they think twice about trying the same,this is a good option to get them off of you and get them to respect your SRK with and without meter.Other than that you can just OS tech or try to read the throw.

Best solution is normally, just block!
As zombieguts mentioned, you can ofc use a dragonpunch to counter his jump, or even his blockstring (if he mess it up ofc -> reversal.)
Perhaps he even tries a frame trap, which you can punish with a DP, cause of the starting invincibility. Same goes for Tick throws you can punish them with a DP.
The Problem comes, when he adjusts, and bait out the DP by only doing c.lp, c.lp block. But thats part of the game, adjusting and mindgame.

There is a video at youtube, where mike ross interviews air (top ryu player). And during a crossup, he just crouches and punish the crossup at the other side with a DP, pretty amazing.

If they keep doing poke, poke, cross-up then do a jump-back fierce. It will evade throws and punish x-ups. Obviously you don’t wanna do this too much because you sacrifice a lot of screen real estate by jumping back.

Thank you guys for your replies.

even though the situation that air does works, it doesn’t always… Best thing always is to block like everyone else said. Characters have a way of making ur dp whiff anyways. Just gotta know when to do autocorrect dp.

you have a couple options. like mario says, you gotta be able to recognize situations where your auto-correct won’t whiff. you can auto-correct trade jab shoryu to ultra, so keep that in mind. otherwise, block the crossup, and if your opponent is playing a shoto and likes to end his blockstrings in low forward xx fireball , you can always intercept his low forwards with shoryus or you can focus forward dash the hadouken to setup your own grab, shoryu, or combo. you can also block the low forward and ultra through the fireball. if he’s ticking you, either crouch tech into a possible hit confirm off a low jab, or reversal shoryu. i’d imagine that he likes to cross you up midscreen. if for some reason he goes for the crossup and sacrifices his positioning by putting himself in the corner, you’ll put yourself at an advantage just by playing solid d and negating any returns on his risk.

One neat trick Ive start practicing againt cross up is whiffing a to lower my hit box then go for a grab or else.
I am talking non waking cross up but usually after an opponent end his block string.

You will notice if you record Ryu doing 3x c.lp than going for a cross-up its really hard to auto correct DP since his cross up
hit you very close to your body. Its possible but I cant do it 100%. If hes crossing you up further away then its very simple
to auto-correct DP.

auto-correct DP is really an art and every situation seem a little different. You have to learn to reconize when its an easy
auto-correct DP and when Its very Iffy. I find on wake up It pretty easy most of the time.

Also important is too see if you opponent is going for a meaty cross up a delayed one or is doing it to early. It really
like timing a normal deep anti-air

Always block as your first option for now. It is quite easy to do a non-srkable cross up in AE and AE2012. I think all charc can do it. The reason is due to srk hitbox nerf on hp srk in AE2012, and low invincibility frame in AE.

There are cross up which you can srk though, next step would be to differentiate between the 2.

I remember adswiss doing this to me on a cross up tatsu. He’d my x-up tatsu and actually hit me during my landing/recover frames and then cancelled into dp fadc Ultra :-(, it was painfull, but I appreciated the skill and timing involved in pulling off this trick.

you would surely be using MP srk to AA crossup’s? it has the most invincibility frames and I think in AE 2012 it has been given an additional invincibility frame so you shouldnt trade as often/if ever.

It didn’t get a buff in invincibility frames but still would probably be used,it has been 5 frames of invincibility since AE,and HP has 4 now,I personally like HP in normal situations.

I use hp srk when I don’t have ultra.

pie you should be doing that always lol. I do that a lot. It’s really good and throws people off.

after ken does a hp.srk, then ryu will quick stand, while ken immediately does a lk cross up. i think ive read somewhere that its impossible to AA that set up. its best not to quick stand after the dp.

i think cody and guy as something similar also… pls do confirm. thanks.

this is true. THe only other way around that is a proper forward dash. I say proper cause as soon as ken jumps the inputs get screwed up and u end up bd instead.