Cross up divekick vs the big boys [RESOLVED]



Hey guys taking yun more seriously now and i looked not sure if it is already on here but does anyone know the timing for lk crossup divekick vs people with weird hitboxes like dudley sagat abel hakan etc.?


Maybe someone will get to you faster but I’ll give this a shot when I’m back.


thanks man. I tried a delayed one that seemed to work but it was too inconsistent i was wondering if anyone actually knew 100 percent


I FOUND SOME!!! i got setups that now work on abel dudley and sagat quickrise and no quick rise…as soon as i get my capture card working i’ll upload some videos for you guys :slight_smile:


what setups are you having issues with? there are tons of x up dives and while im a new yun player i would love to know the problematic ones so i can check it out and/or help out


Here’s what I got for you so far. Abel left corner

Abel right corner.


thanks bro i’ve got one i’m uploading in a bit for abel sagat zangief dudley guy i think that is all


Sounds good. it seems really tough to get one for Gief but Ill see what you have :smiley:

#9 here you are :slight_smile:


Thanx pal,it helped a lot :slight_smile:


Good stuff bro :smiley:


thanks man


Hey shoryu, did you also test the safetyness of these setups? I was just wondering since im stuck in class and can’t check it myself.


So tested the setup against dudley, sagat, guy and boxer.

Dudley: can punish with ex dp and u2. All other dps stuffed, super trades for 1 hit and u1 whiffs. Edit: Also counter obviously beats the setup, but you can bait it easily.

Guy: can punish with super. Ex dp whiffs, regular dps stuffed, u1 whiffs and u2 stuffed.

Sagat: I managed to time the divekick to make it safe against non-ex dps once and could not recreate it. Dudley timing on the set-up gat can punish with all dps. Also Sagats set up timin is weird as fuck

Boxer: could not make the setup safe. All headbutts can punish