Cross-up EX-Hurricane, dash, shoryuken

Alright if Ed, Paul, or any Desiken wannabes who use the green Ken can help me out I’d really appreciate it.

I’ve tried a millions times and I can’t do this combo. Nevermind the second kara-canceled shoryuken, I can’t get the first dashing one to ever connect.

Is this even practical and worth doing? I know that if I just hit s.MK instead I can make the other guy land on his feet and have to put up with my tricky EX-hurricane again.

I sure like the damage two midscreen dps can get you though, so any tips would be helpful.

hold the last fwd of your dash and when you see the animation end do a srk

No, tape forward three times then do the srk. If you only tap twice to do a normal dash, a fireball will come out.

Thank you.

It took me over three months, but I can finally do this combo now. The trick is to practice tap forward three times as fast as you can, go to neutral, and then d, df+LP.

It’s the EWGF motion from Tekken that helped me learn this, so if anybody else is interested in being able to do this combo, they might want to look into T5 Kazuya or DJ.

Again, people that can’t do something, but then post in a thread with an answer where the person reading it will assume they can, shouldn’t be giving advice in the first place. :bluu:

If you know how to EWGF with heihachi you dash normally and then do the srk. You don’t tap 3 times forward.

can’t you cancel the dash with shoryuken at some point?

nope you cant, but the dash is just so frickin fast.

And grahf is right: I just do dash and then shoryuken :S

But I feel ya pain kcxj, in cvs2 you could parry into uppercut wih just one forward :wink:

what’s this combo you guys are talkin about? can somebody pls give me the notations?