Cross up HK/HP still works as a normal cross up?


I remembered watching some Tokido matches where he went for cross up j. HK in the corner. I play Evil Ryu and since he supposedly has the same j. HK, I figure the set ups should work the same or similar. When I set the dummy to run a patter while I attempted to block it as a cross up, I found that it didn’t work. All this time I assumed that you were suppose to block a cross up HP/HK as if it were coming from your front side. Am I doing it wrong or is this just he way it is?

And if it doesn’t force your opponent to block the other way, what’s the point of it since it clearly looks like you’re going to cross up? Suppose to be ambiguous or something else?


If it looks like it’s going to cross up and doesn’t… how do you think people are going to try to block it?


Yeah, while doing a bit more research I came to that conclusion. I was actually going to edit this thread if no one had posted yet. But your here so I’ll just leave it be.