Cross up through ryu tatsu



I was playing online and I dashed through a ryu’s tatsu. I went into training mode and tried to replicate it and here is what i got.


It doesn’t work against ken or gouki. Also i’d like to note that you can go through without getting hit at all.


Wouldn’t it be better to


hm… never dashed through it like that… but it’s pretty easy to just randomly dash and backdash out of the effective range of most moves… really easy with focus attacks… if you could isolate the time and way you were doing it at that point, then it could be a pretty nice move… but on the other hand most ryu’s won’t just throw out a tatsu like that


I know its not very practical but It happend on accident when I was playing and I just wanted to share cuz I am yet to have seen it elsewhere.


Versus ex tatsu :[media=youtube]4-fHgHexE8o[/media]

You can do the “same” thing versus lariat of gief.

Since cr hk can whiff versus lariat, you can just walk in the lariat and grab him ^__^.

I like that cause i like grab ^^


ooh walk out of ex-tatsu, that is pretty interesting.


Neat trick but not very practical as you eat chip damage and get put in block stun so you can’t punish.


I just happen to get hit in the video, but i know for sure you can cross up without taking any damage or being put into block stun.


Yeah, but why not just sweep the tatsu? What I mean is that this doesn’t lead to anything better than just sweeping him so why bother?