Cross up Victory Rose Setup



After any aerial hit on dart shot(overhead) that causes a hard knockdown, you throw a rose (timing varies depending on character) then FADC forwards and jump over the opponent and can then confirm into a combo. The rose will cross up or hit in front depending on jump timing and this setup is safe against some reversals, it reminds me of kunai mixups. You can go for this setup after EX machine gun blow or after a crouch hard kick in the corner and also after a focus attack anywhere on screen. Once the opponent learns about the cross up you can go for a low/overhead/neutral jump to mix it up even further. I have not done a lot of testing with this setup but it seems like it is worth exploring. My biggest concern would be the meter usage but I think this can be used to clutch out some rounds. Dudley the new vortex character?


I just tried this in practice mode and it worked. Pretty cool stuff. While I was messing around with focus attack canceling from rose I found some pretty hilarious tech that works with regular or red focus. Basically after a hard knockdown if they don’t quick rise you can toss a rose and focus cancel and then fully charge, and it combos with the rose so you can dash and combo or ultra. If they try to jump or grab out you out of the focus attack the rose stops both. Invincible reversals that break super armor can get out, but otherwise its pretty solid, but more importantly it is supposed to be funny/flashy and it does stop the two biggest reactions that people do online of you try to wake up focus attack them


Hell yeah, victory rose actually being used for something!