Cross ups... Own Vega



Can’t seem to get around this garbage, there’s nothing he can do if they do a jumping kick on my wake up… I try doing an EX-Terror and I still get kicked out of it… If I am lucky sometimes it trades the first hit…

Another thing I tried is PX3… That doesn’t work well unless I want to get raging demoned or worst they just chase after me and grab me once I am done flipping…



I started out today and this was the first thing that really got on my nerves. The Timing on crouch fierce is retarded, lucky Vega has a godly dash so you can run under jump ins I heard


You can also slide under them in certain cases it is better than dash, in some cases it is not.

You can focus dash too.

You can also use PPP flip or KKK flip sometimes but most character have a very good answer to that and it is pretty dangerous.

You can delay your reversal for auto-correct it works in some cases

You can whiff a L.RCF

but seriously (ambiguous) cross up jump-ins owns everyone. not just vega


I did not know this was June 21 2009.


I’ve been getting this from a lot of Adons and Cody’s lately. It’s got to the point where they don’t go for blockstrings anymore.
I haven’t got a great game plan against it, more than anything else it’s predicting when they’re going to jump and dashing under them, or predict jump up and airthrow or AA.

but as I said, I’ve been having a lot of problems with as the rest of ya’ll


Why dont you just jump up and press hk? Its not hard.


Follow what Ajunta said or the simple answer: Learn to block.

Key to actually being GOOD with Vega is having a A-grade defense. A lot of us who played vanilla learned that the hard way with him.

Also, what you said about cr.HP…It’s a pretty damn crap anti-air versus crossups or versus a lot of jump-ins in general if they’re close to you.


the key is preventing your opponent from getting anywhere close to you at all cost always settle for a better position on stage. As Francy said grade A defense should in-case your opponent is close jumping in, crossing up and block string looking to tech


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well the only real trick to not getting mixed up is to don’t be cornered/knocked down. I myself still has trouble with viper mixups for example…but my win rate against her is pretty good because for some reason (that I can’t really figure out) I don’t allow her to do those mixups on my vega. so yeah, there ya go.


You have to take out people’s offensive from poking range. Vega is only effective from half his jab’s length, any closer then hes in trouble. nj. HK shuts down most jump attemps, st. LK shuts most ground approaches and cr. MP and st. MK pokes out mid range fireballs. Those are your main tools to keep people out. But if you can’t keep them out then you just have to wait out until you find some place to jump away or backdash your way out. Cosmic heel can also be an alternative to front dash but you have to do it earlier.


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No. Vega has a difficult time with rushdown, but if you block properly and tech throws, there’s nothing they can do to you. No one said that is easy though, but if you wish to use Vega, suck it up and do so. Just look for your opening and strike fast.


If you know they keep doing crossup>string>crossup then do:

It’s that simple.

Wakeup is another matter.


Yup good blocking and teching is a must for vega, but once i got it down you can just stuff their bullshit down their throats every time, pretty satisfying too lol. if you can catch em in a couple air throws it might turn them off from jumping a little, if not air throw just feels good.