Cross Ups. (please help)

Ok I am having trouble with my cross ups. I use to be able to do them with out even trying when I use to play on pad but now im having trouble with it my arcade stick. What I use to do was, If i scored a knock down with his scissors kick (of any variety accept ex) I would dash and then do a vertical jump (so basically this: :f::f::uf:) and hit them on the other side with a jumping :mk: and then start my combo from there. If I scored a knocked down from a slide or just anything that keeps him close to me, I could time the jump and get the cross up almost immediately but know they wiff and sometimes when i land i get grabbed out of them. Are there any timing or spacing tips that anyone could lend to me on what they do to score that deadly cross up. Thank you very much

**- Noob **

mix up between MK HK and HP, just practice thats all I can say is practice. Plus after a C.Hk knock-down you must walk back a few steps then go for the cross up

Or use crossup PC as they are getting up. That works too

Try doing it without the dash. Just take a couple steps forward then try it.