How do you properly and consistently do them?

I consider myself a fighting game vet and have recently started getting back into Street Fighter, however, I’m having trouble doing this.

Is it distance? Timing the hit properly? I can’t seem to figure it out. I haven’t had problems with this in previous SF (and MK) games. Appreciate the help.

It’s distance and timing.

Which move depends on which character. For most it’s j.MK and if that doesn’t work it’s j.LK. Some characters do not have cross-ups.

Practice it in training mode until you get used to the distance and timing. Eventually you’ll be able to spot the correct distance.

Most characters have ways to set up crossups. Like doing a shoulder throw with Ryu or Ken. If you jump from the distance you’re left at as the other character is getting up, it’s the prefect spacing for a crossup. Use this stuff enough, and the spacing will become very clear.