Cross ups...


I really don’t want to have to sift through 80+ pages of Q&A strat, so can someone please explain to me how to get cross ups to work… Im working with Ryu right now, and I just watched Mopremes cross up video, there must be something I am missing because I am simply not getting this to work. Thanks in advance.


watch the vid more. obviously you didnt copy it right. :lol:


The opponent must techroll in the corner Ryu to be able to groundcross them. If your opponent is a training mode dummy, turn Quick Standing on in the Dummy Settings menu. If your opponent is human, have them tap down when they hit the ground.


I saw that… the corner isn’t the problem, but in the vid it shows ryu crossing a standing Makoto, I just don’t see how it works.


sweet guys you fuggin rock…:fury:


Have you tried dashing through her after being grabbed by a karakusa?


Makoto’s neutral throw, not karasuka.

Makoto has this weird property that anything, I really mean anything will pass through her if she doesn’t do anything after neutral throw. She’ll lose that property once you touch something on the control.