CrossCounterTV censorship

So today I attempted to post a comment on youtube to CCTV’s CCasia vids that came out a month ago, in response to people’s response to my comment. I posted how much I hated CC asia’s extreme amount of videos of Vanilla AE (when 2012 was already out). Because of this, many people responded negatively and I wanted to defend my point, but found out I could not because “You have been blocked by the owner of this video.”

So CrossCounterTV blocked me because I criticized their videos. The fact that youtube gives the option to do this, or that CCTV abused it so freely severely pisses me off.

What do you guys think of this?

I think you should stop being a bitch…

^agreed, and also fighting game discussion :zzz:

talk shit get hit (or blocked in this case)

They did you a favor believe me.

Youtube comments are vicious and knowing the inevitable backlash of your comment, CCTV may have saved your life.

maybe they prefer playing AE and now 2012… maybe your wording was a bit strong when something softer could have obtained the affect were you looking for and not get banned.

Not censorship.

Another poster who just stated that “CCTV is falling off, I don’t like CCasia” got down thumb’d and probably banned too. Shit’s dumb.

EDIT: Wikipedia definition of censorship

Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.”


Quit crying.

maybe they’re playing pc version which is still original ae edition and who cares if u got censored, who do you think you are, Jesus, Our lord and saviour

You posted a comment on YouTube.

You deserve much worse.

You’re AV makes this comment 100x times better, the look on her face is perfect.

Speaking of AVs, I must ask - where is yours from???

Evo 2010. It is an avatar of Markman of Madcatz IIRC. I can’t see that small anymore.

So you’re mad that they had a ton of vanilla AE content that they didn’t upload everything to youtube before 2012 came out? You’d rather they just never share it?

wow…apparently I got blocked too…

why did I ever buy the bar fights 3 vids smh

Because you care that much about barfights. Why didn’t you just watch it live and not pay?

I wanted to support them. Then I just get a random block. No idea what comment made them want to block me. Ah w/e… Guess I learned my lesson…

I don’t like CC Asia, it’s boring.
Don’t like my comment? Suck a pickle! Ha ha

Only thing good from CC Asia are the interviews.