Crossing over against blanka?



what is the safest and best way to cross over blanka? on knockdown, i have tried using the bodysplash but i always ended up eatting his electricity.



Well timed jumping knees seems to work, but it might be just because those other Blanka’s couldn’t time their reversal upballs…


Always seems to be tricky. If you dont cross up, I eat elec. If I try to still land in front, I eat a ball. I try to just stand up close and go for a jab spd or block. Still working on this one, as well as vs Chun. Keep eating ex spinning birds


I wouldn’t try to cross over Blanka that much. But never do the body splash because he will roll or do electricity and the splash will never beat either of those. Go with knees to be your best bet. Im sure you know, you can bait the electicity and just sweep him.

As for EX: SBK, block that shiiit!!! Also, a well timed HP headbutt can beat it.


i don’t even bother trying to crossup blanka. do your damage and let him come to u. as for chuns sbk,well timed jumping mk seems to work also.


What I do is once he’s down go in looking like u will cross up then step back and sweep. Do this 2 or 3 times then they are going to give up on elctric pop ups. Now u can cross them up with knees and if u landed those sweeps odds are u will avoid an ultra which cross ups avoid ps u can green hand the ultra ball from behind. If they start poping with the anti air ball try and pin them near a wall so when they hit u with this u can ex green hand them on the bounce back. If they are poping withe the horizontal ball hop back and lariet. So the trick is to vary your attack and figure out their most likely response and know how to punish it. The cross up is a good tool when used to beat a blanka who is going to just block low on the popup.


Don’t cross Blanka up at a time when he can hit you. It’s a great idea to cross him up BEFORE he gets up so that he loses charge for his horizontal ball, super, and ultra, but if you do it when he’s getting up and you’re trying to do a meaty attack, he gets a free up ball every time (electricity is not free, I think you guys are just mistiming it).

If you’re on the ground, you can beat horizontal ball with a meaty whatever (ie crouching jab) every time, it just doesn’t beat anything on its startup.

If you’re on the ground and he wakes up with up ball, that’ll beat your meaty attacks, but even if you get hit you can punish him with kara ex green hand.

Electricity is 100% worthless on wakeup, it loses to literally everything. If you’re getting hit by wakeup electricity, that means you’re timing whatever you’re doing wrong.


On Chun-Li’s EX-spinning birds, I always go with the Knees, and it has never failed me yet. Ive even managed to scare some chuns away from their usual wakeups so I can go for a body splash.

(off topic, I know but someone mentioned it and it hadnt been answered in this thread yet)


Crossing up is basically a bad idea but if u have a blanca that is spark happ, jump over them as soon as they trip then block as they wake up sparking: c. HK (or ex greenhand) to kick em out
to this 2 times and THEN cross up with deep HP body splash and continue comboing whatever. These are the only strategies that worked for me when trying to cross up blankas

another trick I usually try is to lure them into electricity on wake up by lariating while they are sleeping (back and forth motions work best) just out of the electric hitbox and then c.HK (or ex greenhand) when they start to spark: hits them out of their electricity clean


if blanka doesnt have super bars then feel free to cross up but never do the splash its useless against him… use the knee’s

i have also done this… jump over have done a focus attack he had panicked and i got a free throw in, but yeah im not saying its always gonna work… and also if u repetadly do the double knee drops he will eventually stop doing electricity so then u can throw aswell


Please read this it is 100% accurate. Wake up electricity is a purely online tactic that only works due to input lag causing mistimed buttons. Don’t form your strategy around avoiding wakeup electricity, this is not a real option for blanka to do.


If I determine they are going to do electricity on wakeup I just block near them, get pushed back, and jab SPD


EX upball beats knees every time. I only do knees if I feel the guy isn’t smart enough to up ball.


Kinda funny to hear these strats…and yes usually ill back hop back after wakeup or ex vert ball… always takes out the knees…


Well, i guess i’ve been mis-timing my x-ups . . . cuz i always eat the juice. So what’ ive been doing is to stay crouched near him for a good hard sweep when he wakes since most of them try and give you juice. Sometimes you gotta wait a sec and see what he does . . . if a ball comes then you can exGH or GH him. After a few times of that you can try the x-up which usually works for me!


Great Job! :cool:


Headbutt works better, and it combos into EX Ghand.

Chun wont EX SBK on wake up if you are far enough to jump in and do mk.

If you are point blank and your jump timing with headbutt is good enough, her only options are to call your headbutt and delay the EXSBK, Dash back, or block. If she jumps she eats headbutt and gets about 80% stun, if she EXSBK right on her wake, 80% stun, then that grrl be runnin.


couldn’t you just do really meaty crossups i.e. safe jump timing?
kinda tricky since blankas EX upball has 4 frame startup, but still viable.


You can only safe jump against attacks with 5 frames of startup or more


knees seem to be the safest bet, unless he backjumps. skilled blankas always pose a challenge