Crossing the Line: Spolers and tips


Ok well I know I’m new here but I figure I’d make a thread for us that have the game and those that haven’t also for those that are iffy on buying it. So far from what I can tell the learning curve for the tekken rosters gonna be challenging. It’s fun so far…I’m about to play through the arcade game now to check on the story I’ll update after I’m done once again this thread has spoilers don’t read if you don’t wanna know anything until you snag ur copy


try one of the stickies.


Ok just finished the arcade mode what a joke if you use a non traditional team gonna try a traditional next by the way non traditional ending was all black with written text and voice overs


Traditional teams get animated endings


sf4 level or tekken cinematic level


Umm I’d say it has it’s own art style really I between both