Crossing Up?

I’ve got most of Ken’s basics down, and I do fine during foot games, but I suck at crossup combos. I can only rarely land the daigo crossup combo - do you guys have any tips so that I can actually land the 2nd hit :x

What the hell is the daigo cross up combo?

Just cross them up, and then hit MP xx FP xx srk

dude i hate that !!

abuse crossups on wake ups …

that made me get confused by those ken jerks …

I don’t know what exactly is wrong, but for example that combo - j. mk isn’t comboing into mp :frowning:

and mb I don’t think daigo’s infamous for a crossup; I meant j. MK, c. MK xx shoryuken xx SA3

[edit] after practicing a bit, I’m still not completely sure what I exactly need to do to successfully do a crossup combo, but it seems as though i need to be a certain distance away so that j. MK connects late - tips are still appreciated

u prolly j.MK’ed too early, so they recovered after u land.

If you’re having probs, look at where Ken hits with his leg on the cross up. This is the location that you want to touch as your opponent is getting up.

What about his HK cross up?

Not usefull, his MK has 2 offensive regions, which are both his legs, HK has only one offensive point which is his foot.

can someone post some good ways to set up a cross up?

I can see, after a:
forward throw
neutral throw

that’s it. Can’t really think of any others.


What’s the point in super cancelling the fierce dp into SAIII? SAIII isn’t that strong so supercancelling weakens it right? I forgot the percentage it reduces but it’s not a tiny bit. Just stick to, XX SAIII. It’s easy.

hp shoryuken is his only shoryuken besides ex that has invincibility, use it on wakeup xx super so the opponent cant quickstand, which gives you hella advantage

I thought none of them had invincibility, except for the fist on each strength. I think the best srk to cancel is strong, but i could be wrong.

ken should almost never cancel fierce dp into saIII. damage wise, it’s a mess.

I think after Shippu would be good too, cause after the Shippu land, Ken can super jump on the enemy for an ambiguous crossup.

Not completely true.

Erm, I was angry at this Hugo one time and when I started a rush I did crossup mk, mp hp srk xx sa3 and all of it landed, after a couple of days I tried it again and my srk won’t keep the guy grounded during sa3, what the heck?

hugo was probably crouching the first time

Thanks, will try :tup:

it does less damage then without the shoryuken :wink: i would do a fireball instead or just cancel into superafter mp,hp